Have you ever felt that the road you’re going through was exaggeratedly very long and tedious and difficult for you, yet you feel that in the end, though you might have reached the destination well, you are unsatisfied?   And then there are times that you feel like there was little effort that you rendered, yet feel like you got more?  Have you ever felt something like that?

Just yesterday, I was reading this Reader’s Digest Magazine (an old issue from my Honey–who happens to be a subscriber).  I was reading my night off to relieve stress from work.  I encountered this very inspiring message.

There's nothing you've ever been successful at that you didn't work on every day

I believe he’s right with that statement.  Everyday may seem the longest road ever that you don’t wanna go through, but every night though, you’ll get to understand why things happen that way.  I still believe that whatever happens to your day, good or bad, its all because you were part of the reason why it happened.  So, its just fair to say that everyday is a contributing event to the current status of your life.  For what its worth, I can still say that whoever I am now is the product of all the choices I made throughout my life.

When I was a lot younger, I planned on different goals every couple of years.  First, I wanted to become an Analyst.  When I was finally one, I thought of moving onto a higher position.  I became Software Development Manager.  I thought about staying long in this position so that I can work on good reputation and experience.   Fortunately or unfortunately, I had to move on to being the IT Manager in the short interval of 1 year 3 months.  And now, I feel that I’ve been into the things that I wanted to go through, and reached the status that I’ve wanted to be in, I just wanna do what makes me happy.

I spend nights (endless nights) working on projects that make me happy, and found a good job that would harness my skills.  I say that every day counted to this success.  Will Smith is right.  Each day must be valued to its fullest.  Not a day should go wasted. :)