Day by day I feel like I’m inclined to be more careful with my health and lifestyle.  Sometimes, I can’t help but feel funny about some pain that I feel within my body; it makes me paranoid.

Hearing about the existing condition of the former President Corazon Aquino made the entire nation wonder about their own health (or well, at least I did).  There were several interviews with doctors on TV, and mostly talking about Colon Cancer.  I can’t help but wonder about my own health too.  My mom loves to listen to AM radio.  I think I’ve gotten used to its ‘annoying’ sound already.. ’cause I no longer feel its ‘annoying’ me.  Its blending with my everyday routine already.. haha.

They were talking about cancer as a disease and sometimes as a byproduct of irresponsibility.  Cancer can be passed on from generation to generation, and here, I feel as though its just part of one’s destiny and challenge in life (which can be unfair sometimes).  At the same time, Cancer can also be an effect of irresponsible living.  The expert said that most cancers are preventable, and may even be curable up to a certain extent.  I don’t know much about drug development, but the expert said that some drugs can already inhibit growth of cancer cells as long as good exercise and healthy diet is maintained.

Its a cliche.  Everybody hears that all the time, and yet its so hard to do.  During mealtimes, I wonder where else I can go in order to eat the freshest vegetables and fruits for lunch, or what kind of food will not eventually kill me?  I’ve had these thoughts eversince I had several ulcer attacks, and I know now that only myself can ever prevent that from happening again.  I burden myself with eating mostly green leafy vegetables as much as I can, and prefer to eat white meat over red meat in times when vegetable as food is not a choice. :) I also worry on the liquids I take.  I avoid coffee (which everybody loves), soda, alcohol, and even milk.  All of which deter my lifestyle, but gives me significant relief that I will never be in pain if I sacrifice that much.

The only thing I’m worrying about right now is exercise.  Although I walk from house to the train, and from the FX to the building itself, I feel as though I’m needing more.  I worry a lot about my health.  Just this evening, I had my eyes checked up and had my glasses’ grade fixed.  I’m only thankful its summertime.  Though a lot may worry about the heat, I think it does more good than having yourself locked up in a cold environment.  Personally I feel that the sweat brings about better blood circulation and puts more color into our faces (aside from the fact that sweating means burning of fat! haha).

Well, I guess the only answer to health jitters like this is to constantly stay healthy, one day at a time… and then visit the dentist, optometrist, doctor every six months.  I’m a naughty girl.  I keep forgetting charting my visits with them (except with my dentist.. he’s really a good friend of mine).  :D