<p><strong>Day 1 of Catanduanes, Bicol vacation</strong></p>

I have always seen the people rushing in and out of Ali Mall's bus terminal during vacation and holiday season, but I've never had a ride in any one of those trips before.  I knew beforehand that I will be facing a long busride to come. 

We took the first class trip of Cagsawa Bus LinesDeyey has repeatedly told me to bring a jacket with me, but at the last minute, I was out of the house sweating profusely.. and I forgot the jacket.  Well, at any rate, its still safe inside the closet! Hahaha.. I even forgot to pull it out! :P

The trip would be by night time.  That is a guarantee that we'll get to Bicol first thing in the morning.  I was excited!  It was going to be my first travel to Bicol, and I'm seating right beside the one who makes my heart skip beats all the time.  :D

A ten hour bus ride shouldn't hurt… Oh, but it did!  First of all, it hurt my butt, then it hurt my back, it hurt my eyes then my head and then it hurt my heart too.  Within ten hours, I felt the widest range of emotions in one seating! 

My butt hurt because I had been sitting for a long time, then it hurt my back eventually.  I tried to watch the movie that was playing on the bus with its beautiful LCD monitors, but the movie itself was disturbing.  It made me feel uncomfortable and sick.  By dawn, I tried to sleep but it was difficult, and I found it hard not to cry when I heard the one song that can make me cry.  This was what made me sad… and that was what made me sleepy.

I woke up in the morning, still in the bus, and already at Bicol.  This was what greeted me first thing:

They say when its your first time to see Bicol, the majestic Mt. Mayon welcomes you if its glorious cone is clear and not cloudy.  :)