Day 2 of Catanduanes, Bicol vacation

We woke up late this day, obviously tired from travel.  We had to take a 10hour bus ride, followed by a ferry ride, followed by 30minute land travel then a 10minute boat travel.  Whew!  That was a little too much for yesterday!

Supposedly, we were to go on a boat riding that morning, but since we woke up late, we preferred to stay at the resto/videoke bar while passing away the time.

In the afternoon, we had time to take a hike over to Suchan which happens to be just near Pananaogan where we were staying.  The hike was to take the human path over the small hill near Pananaogan.  It was a nice quick hike, for I was in bad need of an exercise. :P Eversince we set foot at Bicol, there was no more stopping the eating!  We eat every two hours! Would you believe that?!  There is no more wonder why I think I've gained a couple of pounds from my vacation at Bicol.  Hehehe.. :D

These are views from the top of the mountain, over looking the waters of Pananaogan bay.  Sigh.. its really a lovely sight up there.  If only cameras can capture the real beauty of a continous lens.

When we got to Suchan, we did a lot of picture taking and I had the chance to play along the shore (which I love so much).  It was my first taste of the waters and beautiful scenes of Bicol.  Suchan had its own beauty, and so does all the beaches we visited.  What made it even more memorable and beautiful was being with the one I love the most.