The first time I saw a Harlem Shake video, my first reaction was.. WTF??  What the hell was that all about??  It was crazy because it was badly done with computer graphics that really looked like freaky mix of wild horror imagination.

Anyhow, I just woke up after a sweet nap and got a tweet from someone I follow and was encouraging us (his followers) to also post our Harlem Shake videos.  And I started to think "..what now is a Harlem Shake video??"  I must be too busy to mind these memes lately  So I look it up and found a really weird wikipedia page here: Harlem Shake (meme)

And now, I start looking for what seems to be the "real deal" of a well-done, funny Harlem Shake video, and found myself one that was compiled from several others that are really cool and funny.  Here goes..


Funny. Its another lively moment for nerd dances! Reason for success?? Simple enough to recreate, invites creativity, and its just plain fun! :)

Do the Harlem Shake!