<p>Sometimes I wonder, why its so hard to impose a good coding standards for all languages.&nbsp; </p>

Why I'm into coding PHP, and I find myself always running after untabbed sections, and wanting to make ifs' and elses' curly braces meet in the same column.  I try to find good editors to tidy up at least the HTML parts of my script for me.  Well, its not that I'm lazy, but I feel that this shall save me time and precious energy to focus my mind onto thinking of a good regrouping technique.  Blah!

Why is it that not everyone falls inlove with Python?  Python keeps its codes clean and keeps all pertinent sections all in one place.  Its strict yet not too strict that it inhibits flexibility.  It keeps your thoughts flowing faster and better because you can code faster than in C and C++ or Java.

Sigh.. how I wish I could do everything in Python.  I miss it.  Just a thought.