This is really getting weird. I don't know how this has all started, but ah, well, for the fun of it, I'd love to take part!

I usually don't go about doing 'chain' stuffs, but just this one time, I bet this shall reveal more of me to others and even understand myself more (maybe.. :P ) This is making me nervous.. haha! But I guess, its not difficult to list weird things about myself, coz a lot of people see me as weird (at times.. :P )

This is not in any order… Just at the top of my head thingy.. ;) lolz..

  1. I rarely sleep. Hehe. I wake up just to get ready for an eight hour work, have night meetings, go home, blog, and then do some more work. Then.. wake up again?! Haha! Most people get excited to rest, while I get excited to work.

  2. I never eat anything with vinegar or mayonnaise moreso, to add to these two, I also don't like ketchup or mustard. I always like my food in plain. Hey, I'm still a minimalist! :)

  3. I miss my weird black cat everyday even when I'm at work, I worry about her like she's my own kid.

  4. There can never be any instance when I do not have with me my walkman phone. I certainly cannot live without music! ..and uhm, I can play the violin. :)

  5. I think I'm the worst dancer and the worst cook ever, though my honey always disagree on both aspects. :P

  6. I love Japanese setups and bare rooms! I love to keep one kind for each stuff that I need. Only one kind for each one. I prefer to be more of a utilitarian.

  7. I cannot live without my shades. Hehe! I have weak eyes, that are blurred on most occasions but is clear as a hawk's eye to spot a missing semi colon or curly brace! :P I'm not afraid of the dark, but afraid of too much light!

  8. I love swimming but I have fear of drowning. Ironic, but true.

  9. I call myself "Sweet Perceptions" because I still end up looking at the brighter side of things, but the truth is, I'm really morbid and pess. Bwahahaha!!! I love horror movies to the max yet I'm afraid of zombies.

  10. I am quite psychic. I have been tagged as a 'witch' eversince I was in elementary because of this gift.. and, yes, I see stuffs from the different dimensions.

  11. I only keep quiet when I get mad. I love to talk a lot (mostly to myself) or to my PC, yelling alone at times (either in surprise, joy, excitement or even sorrow.. :P )

  12. Most people ask for directions to get to a certain place, while I don't. I have a very bad memory for directions, ergo, I'm used to getting lost, until I have found myself always wanting to get lost. Hehe, its an adventure!

  13. When I'm in the middle of a sound sleep, or a laughing spree or anything at all, the one thing that can distract me is the one song that makes me cry. I'll be able to hear this song even in a crowded room full of noisy people, or note that this is the particular song that makes me cry even by just hearing the first few notes of it.

  14. I love to take strolls during stormy days. I always want to be outside the house, getting soaked in the rain while watching dangerous objects flying by. Adik noh? :P

  15. It seems my body is one big repository of static electricity. I always end up giving people static shocks. Hehe..

There.. there they are, finally. It wasn't that hard, though I feel like its the worst thing to say in this blog! Hahaha.. :) I hope I'll still have friends after this post. :D Nonetheless, I tag Taglish, Sedate, Rhandy, Kat, Sinag for the next post!!!

Sigh.. finally done and over with.. whew! :P