Everyday is a battle.  Its a continuous defending of your time, your space and your sanity.

Sometimes, drinking water or even taking short breaks could become a tall order if your days are usually toxic.  Meetings are time killers but when efficiently done, it will save you more time in the future.

Well, let's go back to the meditation.  Sometimes, when you're too busy, you loose focus.  You can even feel like your breaths are becoming shorter, you become more tense, and you become jittery.  Sounds like you?  Okay, we can fix that..

Featuring Mindfulness Bell app..

cover-image Mindfulness Bell app

With this app, you can regain focus and meditate for a moment.  How?

1.  Well, you can set it to sound off its bell once every hour (or twice if you wish so).
2.  With every sound of the bell, you take a deep breath.
3.  You may close your eyes if you wish.  Imagine a strong tunnel of light connecting at the top of your head.
4.  Don't hold your breath.  There's no need for it.  Now exhale and imagine that a black smoke is coming out of you with your exhaled breath.
5.  Imagine that all your stresses are within that smoke and are moving away from you.
6.  ???
7.  Profit!!!

There you go.  If you set this app to sound off every hour, you end up with small increments of meditation daily.  :)

Ready?  This is a free app, so don't worry about it.  Get it here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.googlecode.mindbell