Early this December, a lot of posts about doomsday and the famous end-of-the-world phenomenon has been spreading in the internet and echoed by their fans incessantly.  Me, I choose to be positive.  While I've read that there really isn't an end of the world coming, I personally choose to believe its only a charting of new beginnings.

What I have chosen to direct my efforts to, is not short of surprising.  Believing in new beginnings starts with a good habit formation.

Instead of preparing a traditional long list of resolutions for 2012, I choose to start flushing out negativities of this year and prepare my spirit for the coming of a good year.

I thought it was a good cycle to start with the full moon of December 10th.  It leaves you with 21 days until end of the year.  And, everyone knows that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit.  :)

I picked out a music that had the "just about right" tone that brings a tingle inside your head and stimulates your 6th chakra as well.  At first, I picked a brain synch music which I got from Unexplainable Store which targets chakra cleansing and alignment.  The music however, was too long for a quick daily meditation (although I would not discount the fact that I had faster conversion to alpha to delta state using this music).

Here's the video: (if you need an audio copy only, please contact me)

Anyhow, since I wasn't really into habitual meditation, I found it cumbersome at first to just sit still and empty my mind.  After (now) 5 days of meditating, I have felt a lot better in terms of state of mind and energy of body.  Now, 10 minutes worth of meditation seems to invigorate me almost completely ready for the next day!  Finally, I have found a music that suits the good vibration.  Since it lasted for only 4.55 minutes, I created a playlist and queued it twice.

After picking the music, next comes the planning of what would be the goal of the meditation.  Everything needs to have goals.  Without it, there wouldn't be any strong driving force for you to do it.  And then if you don't get into the habit, you will dismiss its benefits almost immediately because you were not dedicated.  So here's how I did it:

  • I consciously divide one music into halves.  The first is always the cleansing part.  Here, I simply imagine light to engulf me.  I visualize myself either stepping into the light or being bathed by a strong white light from the heavens.  And then, I imagine that black smoke comes out of me with every exhale.
  • The second half I usually dedicate for the material needs.  I callout strong words of emphasis to dictate how I want myself to be.  I callout statements in the present tense.  Some examples would be: "I am financially able", "Everything I need is within reach", "I have more than enough money to provide for my loved ones.", etc.
  • On the second render of the music, in its first half, I dedicate it to emotional needs.  I affirm and callout statements of how I want my emotional state to be in.  Some examples would be: "I am happy with my partner.", "My partner and  I are always faithful to each other", "My partner and I live happily and harmoniously together", etc
  • For the last quarter of the entire meditation, I dedicate it for giving back.  Since we are all from Mother Nature, I want to give back to her a portion of my energy and love and help heal her for faster and better recuperation from the changes of the physical Earth.
What I have come to realize, after just about 5 days of meditation, is that, each session is always unique.  Only the first one is the challenge.  The second one provides curiosity and excitement.  The rest becomes second nature :)  Each one will give you different sensations, different visions, and sometimes different conversations.
Here are some of my really awesome experiences:
  • I was one time guided by my ultra being guide.  She took over the entire session and dictated to me what I needed to do.  I followed her and she showed me things and we talked.
  • I experienced being carefully pulled out into space and floating amongst shining blinking lights (supposedly stars) in the outer space.
  • At one time, while healing Mother Nature, I saw myself standing in the middle of a beautifully lush bright green covered forest.  A strong wind was gracefully caressing the grass and the tress made low rustling sounds.  A bright sun was towards my face but it shown with such happiness and grandeur but never seemed to hurt my eyes for it was almost golden in color.  I felt its warmth while the wind blew against my skin.  It was almost as if I could taste the air and it was good!  There was a general lightness of being that you'd feel within your entire body.  Sigh.. this is really the best experience I've had so far.
  • There were also some visions of vintage setup and faces of random people I've never seen before.
  • I also was able to see some portions of the Earth (as a globe) where some dark spots were visible from a top vision.  Only, I couldn't make out what country would that be.
  • Tonight, I couldn't help but wonder.  From the meditative state, I saw my arms glowing a faint light.
  • I also was able to feel that a strong energy flowed through me from the top of my head.  It felt like it was pulling me up from my crown.  I felt very hot and my entire body seemed to be covered in deliciously good energy while in cross legged position on my mat.
  • Weird as it may be, I also saw myself with a huge padded shoulder with an armor of faint gold.  I saw that my hands wore a glove connected to a short but steel made sword.  There was a long white silk cape that fell behind me (since the image was also in the sitting position that I was in).  I wore a golden head gear that covered my head and curled towards the end.
Of course, others may argue at the validity of these experiences.  But hey, if it does me good, then I'll keep to it.

2011 will be cleared off its negativity.  This will soon prepare my mindset, awareness and spirituality for 2012.  I think the coming year calls for a fresh start, death of old idealism and of pronouncing a stronger personality.

To each his own!  But if you care to join me, I'm meditating at 11:11pm daily! :)