There is no better day for me than to finish a yesterday chatting with my honey, then waking up for a jogging morning with him.  There couldn't be any better day than to spend every day with him.

We went to UP oval to jog.  As I have promised for a resolution this year, I would have to jog every sunday morning.  This shall be the culmination of my 10-15minute exercise everyday.  Last sunday, I was unsuccessful.  I stayed up too late saturday evening that I just couldn't wake up for sunday morning's jogging session.  But today, it felt great.  I was just great to be with him.  He's the bestfriend one could ever ask, and the best lover one could ever pray for.  I must be really lucky to have him.

Though it was supposed to be a jogging session, it ended up as a walkathon of 6.6kms around UP Oval.  It was a total of three laps of constant speed.  For me, it didn't really matter if I was a good jogger or not, consistency is the key.  At the end of the year, if I only put in more discipline to all that my heart desires, I could excel far above others who overworked themselves towards their goal.  I'll take it one day at a time.

After this tiring session, we went off to have breakfast.  I always adored breakfasts outside the house.  It was because it rarely happened, and that I enjoy having breakfast with someone else.  Its because, at home, we rarely eat together all at the same time during breakfast due to different schedules and oversleeping (especially during weekends).

Sigh.. busog!  I enjoyed the meal, and I enjoyed having it with him.

When I finally got home, I still had some time to read a good book.  It made me ponder on a statement there that described Good and Evil via describing the Last Supper art.  I never heard such a profound story.  May it be true or not, I do believed it when the writer said (through his character) that good and evil has the same face.  At the same time that i has roused up my curiousity on this, he was also able to make me feel sad.  Sad for something else that I also feel afraid of.. Hmmm.. such good author.  I wouldn't have been able to read this book if it weren't for my honey who loved that author so much.

I love it whenever I get to think.  I love it when I share my ideas with my honey (and vice versa).  I love talking to him about so many things.  I love it when I can completely be honest to him.  I just love him.

How can I not say that everyday then is a holiday?