Today, the Mass was held by Father Jun, our parish priest.

I had hoped to hear a good Mass today, and I did get it. (Seems like everything about the Misa de Gallo is a miracle).

Nothing is impossible in the eyes of GOD. Elizabeth and Zachariah begot a son after years of praying to have a child. They were given a son–John. John, whose name means 'GOD is good'.

His sermon began with lively his and hellos and claps that defeaned my ear as the number of people increased by the second. Good style. I was awakened. He asked how many of us have heard the four days of Misa de Gallo. (ahem), of course, I proudly held my hand high… well, the next question was certainly for the proud ones like me.. He then asked.. why?

Why? why am I really doing this? Every year, to sacrifice for the sake of completing the cycle of the Misa de Gallo? I can't lie.. Yes, I do have so many wishes, intentions, etc. that I wanted to see come true. I did not deny. I raised my hand to confirm that I am also a wisher.

GOD will never fail us, Father Jun said. Umasa tayo, tiyak yun! Yes, tiyak yun, I also thought. Thinking about my wishes. Hmmm.. I believe it. Why should I not?? right? :)

Prayer is GOD's weakness, and Man's strength. Pray.

Perseverance. GOD delivers to us what we need if only we persevere in our prayers and believe that He will do anything if it is right for us.
Reconcile with GOD and Reach out to others. In prayer, we reconcile with GOD, repent for our sins and start anew. We can also reach out to others by praying for them.
Availability. Make yourself available to GOD. Never say you don't have time for prayer. As GOD always hears us, we must also be devoted to HIM.
Yes to GOD! Let it always be done onto us what HE wills. Don't question HIS will. HE will not give us something we don't need.

I was so happy this morning. I did not need to have my Today's Advice from a piece of paper and wood hung on my closet door. Hearing mass everyday makes me feel happy, though tired. I was thinking while I traveled to the office… It is barely a week before Christmas day itself. I hope that each day towards Christmas will become more special as its yesterday.