For days ahead, my honey and I have been discussing about New Year's Resolutions (which I'll be posting soon). He went about enumerating the things he'd like to resolve for next year. Well, its not that its much of a problem, but something more inclined to an improvement of one's self. I won't say much of those, I'll let him do his own list soon. As for me, I'd like to be a little bit healthier. As I agree with him, that my lifestyle is almost 'killing' me, I know I must go on with it, as its the only way I can finish all backlogs that I have that is work-related. Soon enough, after a month or so, I'll go on with a healthier lifestyle… yeah, and that is a promise!

I didn't want to associate this 'health-buff' thingy with a New Year's resolution (though, I'll still put it in that category), but more so, if I wanted to do something, then I'd do it now rather than start at a later time (like tomorrow). So, one step to be a little well-feeling is to avoid using the elevator. I started doing this for two days now. I only use the elevator twice a day. One for going to the office in the morning, and the other is when I'm already going home. In between these times (like when I go out for merienda twice a day and when I go out for lunch), I take the stairs. Just this morning, when we went down to grab something from 7-11, it suddenly dawned onto my honey, that we actually were climbing almost 8 floors! It made him pant a little at around the 3rd flight of stairs! I did my share of panting at around the 5th to 6th flight of stairs. Soon, eight floors will be negligible!!! Hahaha…

Today is a Thursday (supposedly, but its now a Friday as its almost 1am now). My sisters, together with my honey and I went to watch EK earlier last night. From the office, we headed straight to SM North to watch the so-called 'topnotcher' in the list of Metro Film Fest Movies. I never did watch the last of the EK series, but since my two sisters unanimously chose to watch EK, then EK it was. Enthusiasm was out of the picture. (I only wanted to spend more time with my honey). We chose the 7:10pm screening since it was the most fit schedule that we had as of that moment, but since 7:10 was around 20 minutes from the time we arrived, we split up into groups to buy food and tickets.

From the time we were able to choose a comfortable seat til the ending, I noted some observations regarding the movie itself, and these are:

  1. EK3 was not as good as EK2 (so goes the testimonial of my youngest sister who was able to watch EK2).

  2. EK3 is more like a huge, more extravagant Eat Bulaga Bulagaan session. The usual jokes where there, delivered mostly by EB artists.

  3. EK3 had lots of stars, though most of them were not actually made to shine in the movie itself. In short, casting was so-so but script is bad! There was Aiza Seguerra with almost no dialogues at all! G Toengi too, and Bayani Casimiro, Jr and Jimmy Santos… sigh…

  4. There… script was bad! Ugh… no other words to describe it… Err… no plot. How can you even hail someone to be a hero and just let him go in another scene?!?! No transition whatsoever… just a lame, lousy.. "Okay, babye"

  5. EK3 has no proper ending. I love movies, but I get to love movies for their values and most especially their endings. I love them mysterious and filling, but for this one… unsubstantial!

  6. Animation was fair. Not so good, not so bad.

  7. But what I hate the most about it is that I was able to note another seven items… items I so prefer to call ADVERTISEMENTS! My honey even estimated it to have consumed around 30minutes of air time! As proof that there were seven advertisements, here they are, in order of appearance:

  • PLDT MyDSL Business

  • PLDT Budget Card

  • Ariel

  • Julies

  • CDO

  • Xtreme Magic Sing

  • Takeshi's Castle

Sigh.. Though my honey can't forget much about this waste of time and money, I was perfectly okay. Anyway, there was still a lesson. Hehe.. one that we had to learn after taking time to satisfy curiosity. Wink

But what pushed me most to post this entry is something that doesn't make me feel comfortable. I was about to go to work, so I started checking my mails first, then view if there are substantial posts from the social networking site that I belonged in then head off to working. Just so, when I thought, nothing was very worthwhile to look at, I saw something I didn't see earlier. It made me wonder and ask myself: "Baket ganon?!?" I know, I won't be able to sleep well… all the more, I won't be able to work again. Maybe I should think more about it… Maybe I should start to think about it… Maybe… just maybe…