It has often been the problem of business and service providing companies–how to offer a good product that gratifies the user and eases their lives.  But other than continuously trying to improve the product, another important aspect is the provision of service to customers.

Business is about devoting time and effort for a product or idea, then get money in return.  Its the basic, right?  Now, what really needs attention is not so much about the product, but how the customer service affects the sales and feedback for the company.

I have the utmost admiration of the business managers who continually and tirelessly improve their product and monitor customer service provision at the same time, but there will always be one of those people who will recklessly taint the team’s effort by just one lack of diligence act.  Sometimes, this lack of diligence could also lead for further incapabilities.. like not knowing all your business rules by heart may lead you to give wrong information to customers/clients.

Good Service takes time

Recently, I’m tiring from personally visiting the bank to work on my transactions.  I used to do this once a month.  Last monday, I had to leave the office for almost the whole day to work on some bank related concerns and so I wanted to make the most out of it.  I had to manually withdraw funds over the counter from one bank, and use part of that amount to open a new account.  To withdraw the funds alone took me about 45 minutes from that one bank.  I moved to the other bank and started to bombard the banker with a series of questions related to the new account I was planning to get. I understood very clearly that in order for me to get good service quality, I had to patiently wait for my turn, and then make the most out of it.  Thank God for the virtue of Patience.

Inquiries mean interest too

Interested with the new account I was about to open, I had to make sure that it was the right account type for me, and that I had the complete set of requirements to go through the process.  The sole reason that I was to open that account was that it allowed for the subscriber to be able to transfer funds to and fro that account via their internet banking.  This meant a lot for me, since I’ll be able to save the time and effort I usually waste just for making over the counter transactions.  As it is my nature to make sure that I am not misunderstood, or that I did not misunderstand, I repeat their answers as how I understand it.  It is by no means an example of foolishness, but a measure of trying to eliminate miscommunication.  To some, it may appear irritating, but for me its gratifying to leave the conversation knowing that you perfectly understood what the other person meant.

No service available

It is unsatisfying to hear that no service is available for you, as the customer.  Of course, customers go the extra mile to pay or buy something for a special reason.  It can be an obligation (like paying the bills) or something done out of an act of kindness (like gift giving).  Either way, the customer is always spending.

Have you ever experienced walking up to a store that interests you, then finding something interesting inside that store (like something very expensive that really interests you and makes you excited to buy it), you calmly but shyly asks for the price.. and then the caretaker or sales person would tell you "Ay, mahal po iyan eh.. (Uhm, its actually expensive)"??

Its almost like asking you not to buy it!  Or maybe even, telling you to your face that you cannot afford it!  Isn’t it excruciating for your pride to see that a merchant is actually rebuking sales from you??  Its like saying, "I’m sorry, no service available for you.. I can’t help you."

That was how I felt when I came in that bank inquiring about the Auto Debit Arrangement Enrollment Form for SSS.  I wanted to pay my SSS dues personally by debitting a specific amount from my account.  This way I can monitor my dues are paid consistently and with a fixed amount that I can settle with.  The bank actually came up to me and said that they didn’t have that form with them, and they can’t give me service for that just because all the forms for that was in their Head Office in Makati, where in fact the branch that I visited was one of the Main Branches!

And then?

Is this how service is being offered now?  Are these merchants/stores/banks so NOT in need of customers that they can actually afford to lose one?  I really have so much negative experiences with them.  Really, I can’t see how they found ways, where in fact it really did take me farther.. farther from my goals.

I hope that every worker would understand that each action impacts the lives of other people.  If you don’t want your time wasted, then better not waste the time of others.  All our efforts and time are priceless, so act responsibly.