I have seen, heard and read about Twitter.com.  Its a very fast growing social networking strategy over the net.  I must admit, the first time I came across the post on Twitter, what I said to myself was: "Oh my goodness!  What a waste of time and space!".

Define Twit:

A mild English expletive used by some British children to describe someone who has done something rather silly or stupid. The term 'prize twit' is considered too insulting for children to use.

Define: Twitter

  • chirrup: a series of chirps

  • chitter: make high-pitched sounds, as of birds

Twitter.com, after being featured in Mashable.com a couple of weeks back, has become part of my hate list.  I just thought it was too simple and that it was kinda wasting precious internet space for people to simply answer one simple question: "What are you doing?".
Twitter was born as an interesting side project within the offices of Odeo in March of 2006. We are a part of Obvious Corporation in the beautiful South Park neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

From Twitter.com/About

A couple of days later, I read about a post on how to make Twitter a "legal" work must-have.  Would you believe that?!  I mean, I work in a company run by foreigners and we take time to have daily meetings over Skype and I use some PM tools to also keep transparency of work stuffs going on inside the office.  We use Basecamp tools from 37 signals, and also Drupal to coordinate office activities.  Basically everything works as if, I report to them daily and everybody else's what to-dos are reflected on these sites/tools.  So why do we need to put Twitter in the picture?

Twitter is for Everyone

When the Yahoo! Messenger came about, it did not have the status bar yet.  Soon, when upgrades were available, everyone who can log in can set what their friends can see about their status.  All messengers have made it a point that they keep statuses of friends/buddies for everyone to see.  You can even market your favorite URLs or homepages through statuses.

Others that I know of, even use their Yahoo! Messenger statuses to communicate, rather than type away a conversation in the usual chatbox.  Silly eh?  But people love it.  I think that's what Twitter is all about.  Its about making the most out of what people think is silly but still love doing. ;)

Twitter for Work?!

Now why can't we use Twitter for work?  Eh?  After all, you can broadcast to just about anyone in your friends list what you are doing for a certain period of time; plus, get to see too what others are doing at a certain time.  At work, your boss wouldn't be demanding much from you if he knows what you're working on at that time.  Right?!  Hmmm..  But that would also mean, you can't let your friends know that what you were really doing that time was browsing through some youtube videos.  Hmmm.. talk about privacy!

Another thing though, about twitter for work, is that you must get into the net to continuously update your twitter status.  This could be annoying for the busy programmer or the concentrated accountant, or whoever.. just to keep logging their activities from time to time.  I mean, twitter is all about being updated on your current doings, right?  So, what's the point of having a twitter account if you can't update frequently?

Some say twitter is great.  For me, I think its fun (sometimes, but not most of the time).. although I do not have an account with them.  I just don't think that is one social networking I'm gonna be willing to try.. after all, I'm not a twit, and I don't like "twitting".