Where have all the tests gone? What tests???

I hate it that I have to manually exert so much effort into checking everything one by one to see that nothing is broken. In the end, what you have painstakingly put into order always gets blamed, and you don’t have any proof whatsoever that its not broken.

I “shoulda”, I coulda.. but can’t

I have often exercised optimism and tried to work on my own tests for my own modules. Yeah, but no yeah. I end up using up all of my time for coding because the time allotted for the whole thing isn’t even enough for just coding the feature!

Now, when time comes that you want to put some improvements, you become doubtful.. very unconfident. When a bug ticket comes up, you just don’t know where to look. It could’ve been elegant, hackish to just run rcov or your tests and find out where and what went wrong.. but no.

My energy gets wasted

What more can I say.. I just can’t seem to trust anything anymore without tests. And yes, my energy gets wasted.