Today a good friend has finally settled down with the love of his life. It was a simple yet intimate wedding. It was actually held in UP Holy Sacrifice Chapel.

A very good choice of place. It was comfortable, very private and solemn. The Celebrant had a beautiful voice, but on top of it, he was a very wise man who graced us with his words of wisdom.

He approached my friend and his bride and asked them how they were. After that, he sung us a song while explaining each stanza in terms of "real" love.

I was moved by his words and I almost cried. So, I'm sharing this now so that we may all learn that when we find love, let us verify that this song holds the truth in its every word.

I believe that love is hard to find. Someday I may wish to be able to sing this song and be proud that every word of it, I have actualized in my life.