I have been sickly since four days ago.  I missed a day of work, a free Monday breakfast and one day with my honey.

My head was aching badly.  I think it was migraine.   It was the longest streak of migraine attack I've ever had in my entire migraine-plagued life.  I grew tired of sleeping all day of that Saturday and Sunday, only to still be feeling as bad come Monday.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="193"]Forrest Gump Forrest Gump[/caption]

For some apparent reason, after drinking 2 Iron tablets and eating 6 cloud 9 pillow packed chocolates, I felt better.  (Only to believe that it was the Cloud 9 chocolate that really helped me).  I was about to sleep when I saw Forrest Gump on TV.   I jumped from my bed and watched it on TV 5.  I think I like this channel more now, than I did before.  They've been picking good movies to air, and they had ultimately lesser commercials than the more prominent channels.

Forrest Gump was a favorite.  One of the few movies I have in my collection.  Since I was in no hurry to get some rest, I wanted to watch it.  I really like that movie and though that it would be nice to see it again.  Watching the movie was just like listening to one big lifestory, though seeing it also through the eyes of the story teller.  Its a one-sided story, but it was simple and beautiful.

At the start of every commercial segment, I'd always stop to think.. 'why was his life so meaningful?'  It'll bring a tear and a pinch in my heart.   His life was meaningful only to us.   For him, he was just doing as he was told.   He was just doing what he wanted to do.   That was why his life was easy and it was beautiful.

I cannot help but be inspired.   We were not born stupid, and we are all proud of it, but I still wish I could be a little bit more optimistic just as he was.   He felt like life was no more complicated than his own thoughts.  His goal in life was just to live life as it happens.. to just keep on running.

It's true that we make our own destiny, but its still up to us to do what's good and to influence other people to be better.   I don't need to be told twice.   I don't need a facebook app to tell me what God needs me to know.   Today, I have to live life to the fullest.   Today, i have to be the best i can be with what God gave me.   If Forrest was dumb, he sure had the smartest mom, to have raised a retard who could inspire the whole world over and over again.

I thank God for all the blessings He has given me so far.   Starting off with my family, my fiance, my cat (who's curled up on my lap right now), my friends who never give up on me, and the others who silently care for me.

Whenever I'd feel down, I should watch Forrest Gump run and tell his story again.  I'd be happier to count my blessings along as he tells his simple life story.