To become a woman is hard
You work hard to earn your own so you can be independent and self-sufficient
You workout to keep a slender figure, and complete your confidence
You train yourself to be intelligent so you will never be left behind
You join workshops to stay sane and have fun
You remind yourself about groceries, birthdays, special occasions, etc
You don't forget your bills no matter how busy you are
You pick the clothes you wear to make sure they highlight your physical appeal
You practice smiling because thats what attracts friends and goodness
You moderate your food intake to stay healthy
You pray heartily to thank God every morning and night
You make your partner happy and content and proud all the time
You do your chores diligently because you exercise cleanliness
You make time for your pet and your family because without them, you are less loved
You come to work and give it your best everyday because you gain experience and friends from it

With all these things, though challenging, its always fun to become a woman. I'm loving each day of my life. :)