This day is not so detached from yesterday, as my honey stayed late at our place. After accompanying me to do some grocery for the food that I will prepare for tomorrow, he managed to spend a little more time with me at home.

Its funny that my day should start from 12midnight, but its an awfully a happy experience to be with him longer than usual. I love being with him all the time.

After he left at around 1:30AM, I waited for him to get home safely. We still managed to have a little chat over the phone and then went off to bed. I woke up at around 9AM. I needed to prepare the food that I'll be bringing over to their place.

He woke up at around 11:30AM and gave me a call. I was cooking then, so we had to cut the conversation short. I managed to get a little sleep before I prepared to leave that afternoon. I was taking my time to prepare that afternoon when he gave me a call and surprised me that he was already at our gate. I love it when he surprises me. I love all his surprises, and I love him.

We headed off to their place then. Its been awhile since I was last there to visit them. We were immediately greeted with his dad asking him to introduce me to his dad's friends. It was awfully nice to be given that warm attention. Still outside, I met with his aunts and his lola who were (as usual) playing cards. (This I got to master some other time. =p)

Inside, there was Irene who was busy helping his mom to prepare the foods to be served. I remember, it was nice chatting with Irene and the one who prepares their food. They said, it was amazing that he's starting to eat vegetables. Moreso, they were amazed with the fact that all the vegetables disappear but the meat is only half eaten. Hehe.. Of course, its true that he's also eating the vegetables, but to leave no trace of veggies in the container is my fault. Wink (PS: Do not be surprised when my honey complains of more squash in his meals soon.. hehe)

We stayed outside for most part of the night, since more people arrived as the night matured. Soon enough, we had no more place to stay in, we moved to the other house where his other cousins were staying. There, we got to lounge around while lying on the small mat prepared for the baby. We watched a little wrestling show while passing time. Simply put, we were just content to be with each other. =)

I was getting sleepy already at around 10PM. We had another round of food before leaving. His mom prepared so many food for me to take home, I just didn't imagine it to be that much. He accompanied me at home.

Sigh.. time spent with him is really time that flies. I wonder when I will ever get tired of wanting to be with him always…