I'm from Quezon City.  And, I detest seeing this.  Such random fees for nothing at all!  No inspections made, no handbooks or manuals on computation.. just random fee request.  (Mind you, the school bus service we paid this for, won't really need to pay for some of these tax items!)   I dare you people of QC, vote wisely!

This is clearly an abuse!

In case you're wondering who I'm voting for Mayor position, its definitely Mike Defensor.  I'd save myself from worrying about the current vice mayor from putting funds to ghost employees and to a train of endless food and drinks expense.  Period.  My mind won't change no matter what.  (I only hate how GMA managed to use Mike to her wrongdoings despite the fact that they are family friends).  Without this person's genuine care, I wouldn't have achieved my ambition.  Its time we put an end to his stained reputation.  I want a better QC, and he is my Mayor.   When he's in the Mayor's office, that's when we'll have nice things!