Its true what Carey has said about the definition of a Thinking Blogger.  Its very difficult to find one these days (though I'm really honored to be nominated by her).  Somehow, for me the people I've nominated to be Thinking Bloggers are those that write out their hearts' content and can still say a lot without effort.  These people have very stiking posts that are either carried out by innate passion for what they wrote, or simply the love for writing out how they feel about something.. for it to all boil down to sharing thoughts and ideas.

Its been awhile since I should have done this meme (sorry Carey :P ), but finally, here it is.. my list of Thinking Blogger Awards recipients:

1.  Ideas N Pink by Carey - Eversince I stepped into I.PH, Carey's blog has been one of my inspirations to write.  She writes well, and her posts really make me wanna put my own comment.  Hehe.. :) None of her posts are common enough to be skipped.  Sometimes, I find myself reading her posts, even the lengthy ones just to complete understanding her thoughts.  She blogs about anything worth sharing and really good to read.

2.  Rebyu by Deyey - We both moved into I.PH at about the same time.  By that time, there wasn't much to read from his site, but soon after, you'd find that reading the everyday reviews of common unnoticed things brings them into a different light of understanding.  Sometimes too, his different perspective for the simplest things could be very intriguing if not amusing altogether.  Everyday, I look out for a new post from Deyey (through my RSS).

3.  Pink Urinal by Cai - I was impressed by this girl when I found out that being as busy as she is with her studies, she still manages to keep her blog up and running.  I've seen her posts were mostly muses from everyday life's happenings, but her stories somehow bring out the lessons and emotions from a student's perspective.  I love her posts too, because I see that a lot of people converge in her blog to post comments and stuffs.  Her blog has this very happy and persevering aura, which I believe she really has in her character.

4.  Ramblings of a Mad Virus by Linus - This is also one heck of a guy who makes me think.  His posts aren't actually altogether a classic read.  Nothing is really as informative as Carey's blog is to me, but his posts are really worth reading.  Something is great about his writings that makes me come back to read more.  His articles are more of the pun that we encounter in our everyday life.  Sometimes these makes me stop awhile with what I am doing and just take a good laugh because of a very witty comment or thought that he was able to make out of a difficult situation.  He's also one guy who loves his kids so much, that I usually get to read about from snippets of his posts.  His blog is as weird as a virus, but is quite a read for me.

5.  Planet Alvin by Alvin - His blog is one the most unique ones I've ever encountered.  I love his posts about his adventures in life, being a bachelor and all (I know you'd like to hear more adjectives.. hehe, but that will suffice).  The articles are real, and it has real emotions.  I love it that he doesn't pretend a bit in any of his writings and is brave enough to write about everything.

So there, these are the top five blogs that I love to read because they make me think, they make me appreciate life more, and just have the share of the best things in their lives too, just by reading their posts.  To you guys, you are the Thinking Bloggers.  Though I do not pass by your blogs too often lately, understand that I am one of your fans, so keep blogging great stuffs! :)

To Carey, thank you once again for having me in your list of Thinking Bloggers, and to those I picked, congratulations for winning a Thinking Blogger Award!!!  :D

This meme originated from Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog. If you want to participate, please follow these rules:

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That was that! Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking!