A couple of days ago, I blogged about OmmWriter.

A couple of months ago, I got depressed from my day job.

A couple of minutes ago, I cried. I prayed. Then I blogged. And then there was this light feeling of success. I’ll tell you why..

I’ve been reading about communicating with guides (spirit guides, angels, God). There are several different ways of doing so. Sometimes, they actually tell you hints about how to move your life to a better perspective, through dreams. So, pay attention to your dreams!

To some people who are clairaudient, they hear inputs from their guides like how you’d hear a normal person speaking to you (but in a very low form, like a whisper). To some who are claircognizant, it might be better to speak to them in writing.

The book I have been reading is entitled: Ask your Guides

There was one story related there how one consulting session taught a girl how to communicate with her guides. She used to write her concerns on a notebook in handwriting. Her problem was about her weight. First, she meditated, to clear her mind and then prayed to invite only the positive energies to help her resolve her concerns. Then she started writing down her concern.

Afterwards, a pause. Then she started writing again. This time, she was amazed that the ideas flowing through her head were not one of hers at all! The message wrote (in my own recollection of reading the text): You’re fat because you used to be a Polynesian princess, wherein the simple of abundance and prosperity is being fat. And with that, you gained more praise and worship from your constituents. As a little girl, in this lifetime, you were perceived to be a good girl if you are able to wipe your plate clean.

With these writings, she was surprised to understand these hints of how she was. However, she was more astounded when she was given the advice on how to move on.

(again from my own recollection): You need to let go of getting approval from other people in order to be yourself.

Read that statement again. That was the best weightloss advice she ever got. After sometime, she became happy and she lost 53lbs because she went into classes she enjoyed the most and stopped eating incessantly because she now understood the root of her problem. Now that is one benefit from the joy of communicating with spirit guides.

Now, onto myself.

Like I mentioned, I cried earlier. I’ve been stopping myself from crying since I got out of the office. I would look foolish crying in public places (which already happened to me some 10 years ago or so). So, I already know how to get in touch with my guides. However, there are some big decision making stuff in my life that I just couldn’t let go of and I already feel like a big control freak for just living my own life.

I got into the train which wasn’t as packed as I expected it to be. I was carefully planning what I was going to do when I get home. I really wanted to cry myself out first, then meditate and talk to my guides to get more clarity about what’s been bothering me.

So, after talking to some friends and trying to ease myself out of this misery, I cooked aimlessly. I ended up cooking an omelet stuffed with garlic mushroom with oyster sauce. It looked horrible. I wasted 3 large eggs because I was crying, I accidentally spilled some dishwashing paste in the mixture. Anyway.. after cooking, I ate half of my mushroom dish and went to blogging.

I turned on OmmWriter and the idea just flew. I was typing away about who I am and what I loved the most. It started out as a rant. Felt more like me in the real world… then it drifted into something beautiful it made me cry even more. It made me realize what else I have been passing up on because I gave up being passionate.

This last paragraph suddenly opened my eyes. I need to go. I need to go as soon as I can. Then I cried even more. I re-read the things I typed and it felt like I was pouring out the things hidden inside my subconcious. I need not hear them as whispers but in my heart, I felt light and easy with the thought that I couldn’t let go of things but those which also weighed me down even more.

Even if I didn’t handwrite my thoughts, even through typing, your guides will help you out. As you type away, just make sure you don’t edit yourself and you don’t think about what to type next. Just make it spontaneous and then go back after you’ve felt like you’ve completely poured out yourself. In that message, you will find the answer. And to know that that is the answer, you will feel light and easy, and almost in complete peace with it.

Then you’ll know it was really for you.. from your guides. Cherish it.