PS:  This is a late post.  I wrote this while waiting in line on the day of election.

I somehow regret that I woke up late to vote today. Anyway, before I totally waste this time waiting in line, i thought I'd write this down. What kept me up late last nyt was the fact that i wantd to be a responsible citizen. I looked up a list of national candidates. I reviewed each and everyone of them. Carefully went through each using my own criteria as follows:

  1. if ever i heard them bash at another candidate, they're out. That's not how you market yourself. That's already killing the competitor and it's not healthy.

  2. confidence is something. I want a leader who can decide for the group yet encourages opinion. If he/she is able to make people obey w/o disrespect, that's my candidate.

  3. promises doesnt mean arrogance. I want my candidate to be optimistic. Refusing to make a promise is a sign of no commitment.

  4. doesn't advocate the things i hate. Of course you cnt please everyone, and we all have peeves. I will eliminate those who want what i don't want.

  5. advocates what i want. Its somethng to remove the bad crop and another to promote the good ones

  6. morality is not in question. By means of my own gut feeling and by scrutiny of evidence, i will pick those who have done the least mistake

  7. religion and family orientation. I want the candidate who is never ashamed to come out in public with their non political family members, but only if they have been doing this consistently and even before electoral campaign.

  8. has strong guts. He/she must learn to fight. Needless to say, they need not be pushovers.

  9. easily accessible and humble. Its important that they be within constituents' reach. May it be for help or advice. If this candidate exhibits arrogance, its a no-no.

  10. not evil, not a lier.

In the holding area

cover-image My voter's ID in use

Downside of 2010 election:

  • no pre orientation

  • no separate room for senior citizens

  • lines are unorganized

  • room arrangement is weird

  • lacks pollwatchers

I hope we'll soon get over the notion that whoever wins in the race cheated.  Let's start to respect whatever the results of the election is and hope for the best.