There's been a lot of shootouts everywhere.  All over the world, there are incidences of several killings.  We've heard all about it, we've seen it, we've mourned over it.  What is the problem?  What is the solution?

Let's start with the problem.

The problem is, in some countries, issuance of guns are quite linient.  Guns become commodities for those who can afford, regardless of their stature in life and age.  In some countries, its the smuggling that brings these goods to the hands of those rogue elements.  In some cases, legal owners who aren't responsible become the problem themselves.

What's the scenario like in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, majority of gun owners are males.  Females become the lesser sector holding weapons.  Majority of civilian gun owners purchase guns for safety reasons.  Some carry (like myself) for security reasons too.  Few engage in shooting as sports.  Gun clubs actually encourage gun owners to engage in sports.  This teaches one to be a good sport, to hone their targetting skills and understand how to respond in real life situations.

Shooting competitions are strictly governed by a set of rules defined by International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).  If you'd familiarize yourself with these rules particularly in safety and the topmost priority of a Range Officer, you would understand how "safety" and "responsibility" is strictly enforced.  Accidental firing and misconduct are considered grave offenses.

So, with the shootouts happening, what is the solution?

Several figures, like Senator Lacson opposes issuance of permit to carry for gun owners.  Gunless society, on the other hand wants NO ONE to own a gun.  I'm not sure if they have defined some exclusion to their selfish declaration of desire (like exclude cops, etc?).  Does that mean cops will never abuse guns too? If we were to own guns, but can't carry them outside, how does my security and survival rate be affected?  What if I have a disability and I can't fight square?  What if I'm a short lady with less power to resist a huge opponent?  What if I get cornered by several men and can't fight back?

These people obviously never thought about their environment and those people who have never stepped in their shoes.  Think about it.

There needs to be a balance to everything.  Have you ever considered that swiss knives can kill as well?  Even more fatal in the right/wrong hands?  Should you also ban those from being sold?

What about the bombers?  Who sells bombs to them?  If you can't wipe clean the incidences that are also scoring high in fatalities, why only point your angst against gun owners?

Unless you'd like us to think you don't think straight, go ahead, point the gun at us!

Say again, what was the solution? I don't think you took a good look at the problem.