So, a couple of months back, I got hooked into trying out BB creams. I’ve been switching from one pressed powder to the next because I always had breakouts and really had problematic skin.

After months of frustration, I sought professional help. I stumbled upon a good dermatologist in DLS-STI Megaclinic. I underwent several stages of treatment with her. Now, I’m at 3/3 treatment. My next step is to try out what brand will now work for me.

The first one she recommended for me was the Shiseido pressed powder. She said it was one of the oldest brands and they are hypo allergenic and non comedogenic. I got very excited. After months of having nothing on my face everyday, I finally have a chance to put on some make up again.

Result? Everytime I put it on, I was guaranteed to have a breakout somewhere the next day. Ending? NO. I can’t do this.

Then I ventured next to find the brand she suggested next. She said that it was really the next thing on her mind when it comes to really sensitive cosmetics. So I said, “Let’s go.”

Then what?

I had trouble finding a supplier of Jane Iredale here in Manila. I called up every number I saw online; emailed several emails and tweeted and facebook’d some accounts online… to no avail! Apparently they had some launching here in Manila a couple of years back and now they have.. moved on??

There was one store on Multiply who sells Jane Iredale products but they do not have the complete line of products of Jane Iredale and they do not re-stock. Find them here: I visited the Makeup room of Jane Iredale’s site and I picked the Warm Wienna loose powder. Since this local site has it, I went ahead and tried it.

It was awesome! I tried to use it everyday to see how my skin would react to it. I was glad that I didn’t have any problems at all! Overall, I really loved it. Never gave me breakouts.

At first, I tried to learn how to apply mineral makeup. I watched several videos from Jane Iredale on Youtube. So, when I finally got my loose powder, I punched only 4 square holes on the inside cover. I still use my Shiseido brush because I really like it and its soft.

What I noticed was that, without sufficient foundation, you could achieve the coverage you wanted just by applying and re-applying some more. However, by doing this, you are forgetting some other parts of the regimen that should still be there. Like a base foundation or a moisturizer first.

Doing it like that, I experienced having flushed skin wearing it all day and getting exposed to dust and dirt. At the end of the day, my face looked reddish and my face got more oily. I was worried I would have another rounds of breakouts. I had some breakouts but they weren’t as bad as before with Shiseido. I still use my Warm Sienna loose powder from Jane Iredale up to this time of writing.

I’m quite satisfied with it, but I adjusted my application steps a bit to fix my problem. So, after the daily moisturizer thing and let it dry, I apply a small amount of baby powder on my face. The powder absorbs the excess oil and wetness on the face. Then I apply on my Jane Iredale loose powder and my face isn’t reddish anymore and it has less oil. :)

The only cons I think is that I couldn’t purchase any of the other products because they aren’t available locally. Think of it this way.. Would you buy your makeup online each and everytime?? Considering that purchasing it online is already expensive (to add to its quite pricey base), I would still have to pay for shipping and extra courier fee before it gets to me. Wow. Talk about hassle!

A couple of days ago, I’ve been thinking about looking for other alternatives. I really wanted something that would take care of my skin. I don’t want to add to the damage of dryness and reddishness on top of some occasional pimples. What I wanted as well is the added benefit of the makeup attempting to repair your skin while wearing it and making you look beautiful.

I was in Beauty and Butter Megamall and I had facial and changed nail colors. My Buttercup, Ate Cris (good vibes! Cris din kase eh! :P) introduced me to Priori makeup. It was really an attractive offer. I could’ve said yes at that instant.. except that I wanted to check with my Derma first.

Priori contained no harmful chemicals. Its ingredients were purely natural and even its container and brushes were cruelty-free. Its boasting content is CoffeeBerry, which is a substance that does not only repair your skin, but it also provides anti-aging benefits. I checked its ingredients online and everything seems to pass my requirements. The only missing step is to check it with my Derma.

Priori has a set of three products that magnificently helps each other to provide the best results for your face. They have the foundation first (which is what I was missing in my current application process with Jane Iredale loose powder); followed by a concealer, followed by the finalizer for finishing touches. Also within their offered package are the three brushes best used for each of these.

When she applied a sample at the back of my hand, it smelled nice. She put on the foundation, the concealer and the finishing touch at the back of my hand and it didn’t even feel warm. It looked very natural and doesn’t seem too thick. I didn’t get any irritation too!

So, my next move is to ask my Derma. If she agrees, I’ll get one and try it. I’ll be posting a follow up to this one as soon as I do have it already. Oh, and best of it all, its locally available at Beauty and Butter stores! :)