I left the house wishing the Universe wouldn't let me wait long for a cab to arrive.  I woke up sluggish because it was cold and definitely a "bed" weather! I was surprised I didn't have to stand longer than 3 minutes! I hailed a cab that was coming out of nowhere and without a passenger.. seemingly my ride to Ortigas.

It was a fairly old cab, definitely not the new classy Toyota Vios cabs but it was comfy.  The cab was quiet and was playing a soothing love song collection.  The cab driver wore a huge Ray-ban sunglass of dark greenish-brown tint.  Reminds of classic retro movies' badass guys.  I sat at the rear seat of the cab, staring at the back of his head.  I picture that the only thing missing in the scene was a huge tobacco in his mouth.

He reminded me of Al Pacino in Scarface or in the famous Godfather III.  His hair was straight and laid back in wet look fashion.  He was thin, but I reckon he is a man of patience and savvy when he was young.  He sang along with the music that was playing in his remote controlled CD player.  The cab had the new fare gadget recommended by the government.  He can carry a tune well.  Makes me happy.  I sing along with him in a low hum.

I look outside and the sun wasn't as hot as in mid-year.  The sky looks quite gloomy but not so much.  The sun is just lazy today, I guess.  It can still make me look forward to today as though its not work that I'm going to anyway.  I didn't have to remind Mr. Cabby driver to turn here or there every now and then.  The drive was smooth.  Almost fantastic!  I had my mind off to wander somewhere else it was more comfortable.  For awhile, I thought we were going to get stuck in White Plains traffic.  I carefully watch his reaction.  He mumbles something more of the song's lyrics but in a harder tone.

His phone chimes a weird sound I can't understand.  He then pulls out a pink motorolla phone and flips it to read his message.  He makes a funny reaction and then keeps it tucked away again.  I think he's always been a man who was carefree and loved life.  I wonder what makes him love driving that much.  He asked me something only once throughout the travel.  He asked whether I wanted to take Meralco Ave or Julia Vargas.  I chose the former.  He knew the roads too well.

When I get off, of course, I had to tip him for making my ride enjoyable.  Its not everyday that I get class A experience from a not-so well-off-looking cab.  Its the driver that makes the best experience out of the cabby state.

Thanks for making me remember Al Pacino! :)