Why is man attracted to the unknown?  Why is man strongly drawn into fear?

I have never seen such long queues only to see the fictional movie of the end of days: "2012".  Its like everybody would love to see the world end!  Such strong hypes for the movie, such strong urge to see it, such strong need to educate oneself.

Its not such a surprise to actually see these things happen.  Why?  Because the things shown in the movie are all nature disasters.  Its not the end of the world, as I see it.  I see man trying to flee the natural course of the earth and the entire Universe.  I see man desperately trying to survive.

The movie was subtitled: "We were warned".  True.  How far along?  As early as possible.  Then what?  Fear?

Fear not.  There are two things that come about the unknown.  Fear or Act.  I believe we should act upon it.  How?  There are a lot of ways.  Fleeing is not one of them.  If the Universe should take its course that way, then so be it.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.. even our own existence is a reason for everybody else in this world.  What each would do contributes to the entire fate of mankind.  Every bit of good and every bit of evil.

A bit of a flashback

Ondoy (26 September 2009) and the series of typhoons hit the Philippines a couple of weeks ago.  It served us all a catastrophe that most of us will never forget.  Were we warned?  Yes.  What did most of us do?  Fear or Act?

Most of the action took place later.  People became no stranger to each other.  Helping hand, faith and preparedness saved us.  Maybe not everyone, but most were still saved.  Luck did not play its role anywhere.  It was all the faith that saved the others from perishing instantly.  Even my own family was saved through faith.

We're recovered now, and some of my friends too are already on their feet to move forward with their lives.  But what happens next?  I say we act.  Let's act to prevent, prepare and just be ready for the next one.

Ondoy and these typhoons are definitely not the cause of disasters.  We are.

Let us equip ourselves with the knowledge about the nature and its reactions.  Let us better ourselves with skills that we will need to survive.  Learn how to swim, learn how to fight.  Be fit, be alert and always listen to your intuitions.

Other disasters

Pinatubo eruption 1991

Thailand wave

Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-TfmGW57LCSY/Ubw-W74t-pI/AAAAAAAAFGY/E0bGmC_qqko/s1600/Thailand-Tsunami-wave-hits-city.jpg

The eruption of Pinatubo happened in 1991.  I was in elementary that time and strongly remember the earthquake that hit us.  It was a warning.  Did we do something about it?  On my birthday, year of 2004, there was a tsunami in Thailand.  There's also Milenyo of 2006 and even Katrina.


Image source: http://blogs.agu.org/georneys/files/2011/08/Krak-7.jpg

I remember watching the Eruption of Krakatoa (1883) in DVD and I was moved.  The horrors of nature is one that man cannot escape nor deny.  Its a product of evolution and karma.  What happened after that?  I don't know.

Dinosaurs and Tomorrow

How did the dinosaurs get extinct?  How did man came about?  They say there are two reasons: asteriods and volcanic activities.   My take?  They reached the end of the earth's cycle.

Every 26,000 years, the earth enters into another cycle.  Its not the end of days.  Its not the end of everything.  It only marks the start of a new change.  Of course, there are lots of disasters that will take place.  From fire, to earthquakes, to floods.  How can there be change if there will be no cleaning up?

Like the dinosaurs and all the animals that we have now, we will all evolve.  Its not like we will all perish and leave the earth to a barren.  There will be casualties, but not everyone will perish.

The warnings are a wake up call for us to recognize that the future is not going to be what it should be unless we better ourselves, and evolve.  Go back to the single source of truth of our existence.

2012 The movie

2012 the movie

Image source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lOCe_9zpaaE/Tv-B-umIS7I/AAAAAAAAluo/pbK7mYpxTVA/s800/2012%2Bfilm%2Bposter.jpg

The movie was great.  This is the second movie about 2012.  The first one was 2012: Doomsday is quite a cheapskate movie (sorry to be so mean about it).  That movie was so dragging and I didn't see what I expected to actually see.  I wanted to be impressed, and I was not.

2009's version of 2012 is way better.  Not that I 'really' was able to envision the 'end of days', but it more or less touched the concerns and thoughts of man as part of humanity.  I was also able to satisfy visual thirst for grandeur effects.

Here are some of my raves for the movie:

  • The casting was not so picky, but it was entirely effective.  John Cusack is always been depicted as a warm, sensitive, family man.  He fitted the role of a husband who wanted to protect his family no matter what.  (wish I had one too.. lol. just a side comment)  The mom had the personality of an emphatic mother who always looked after her kids.

The young scientist, Adrian Helmsley, the US President's Chief of Staff and even the President itself were all well-chosen casts to portray the different phases of the survival and very timely similarity to the current situation of the US government.

  • The script was well condensed with the necessary information.  Its so hard to actually relate the history and background information about the 2012 phenomena but they have been able to do so without providing so much confusion.
  • The plot was perfect to bring about the human drama.  Family and loved ones were the focus of this story.  It wasn't about survival of oneself, but the preservation of the dearest to us.  It was also a perfect plot for me because they were able to show the argument of left brained people vs the right brained people at times of crisis.
  • The effects were grand!  Most parts were purely survival scenes.  There were lots of parts where car chases, earthquakes, flood, etc.  I have never imagined such disasters that way.. more so to be in it!  They felt so real, looked so real too.
Yet of course, I have some rants.  Some things that seem to have been missed, exaggeratedly pushed or simply left out to provide a better story completion:
  • The politicians used only one brand of technology.  Well, I guess, you would notice that too. LOL.
  • All phones used were (ehem), my favorite phone brand.
  • Is a limo really that tough? :P  It managed to survive the harsh ride, the jumps, swerves, etc.
  • Jackson survives the camper crash.  Just see for yourself and think how he managed to survive.  If you find out how, let me know! ;)
  • It seems that the last one to go out are communication lines.  Did you feel that? :P  The president was still able to air his speech (though it wasn't completed).  It even reached China.  Phone lines were still usable, unless the other party was hit already. LAWL. Unbelievable.
  • Charlie was still able to broadcast in the disastrous condition of Yellowstone Park! Isn't that great?
  • The flooding of the Ark 4 was not realistic.  If the water that great would gush into the ark, they would have instantly been filled inside.. and yet, there was still air in the last hutch that was sealed away.  Tamara died alone, but the family survived even though they were nearer the open gate? Interesting enough.
That might not be everything I found interesting enough for me to comment on, but you see in general I liked the movie.  Although, for sure, I wouldn't want to watch it more than twice!  I don't like the fact that we are affirming something by supporting it.

Not that I say it wouldn't happen, I just know that things can be symbolic too at times, and the 'end' as we envision it, might not be the actual way of 'ending things'.