Things I've been missing out on because of work:

  1. sleep, no need for explanation.

  2. rest. yes, sleep and rest are two different things. working for straight 3 weeks is more than enough. rest is needed to bring back your life and interest in work and vice versa

  3. church. i USED to pass by the church everyday to give thanks and pray. can't even attend mass because of again, work on a sunday

  4. friends. i USED to unwind by going out with friends, my highschool batchmates and newly met friends. they provide me with laughs to ease out my work-induced migraine and stress

  5. family time. i plan out a monthly gimmick for the family to provide them with a stress-free bonding day and to learn and experience something new everyday. guess what, now i can't even promise my weekend to be with them. no more quick out of town trips!

  6. cat playtime. i USED to go home early and play with my cat, then have a good, undisturbed night sleep together--my cat sleeping beside my pillow.

  7. good dreams. i value my dreams, and the quality of my sleep. now, i have work dreams. :( and some are dreams of expressing desire to be happy and taken cared of

  8. quiet time to commemorate important life events. my grandfather died, and instead of mourning, i had to work! even on the day of my grandpa's cremation! the very next day, was the birthday of my late fiance, and i had to work! i wasn't even able to visit his crypt

  9. new coding knowledge and practice of it - now that i'm senior, and lead tech, who gets to mentor me? what's new and exciting for me?

  10. blogging - i USED to release negativity and exhaustion by blogging

  11. reading - i can't even finish my RD! i USED to read 4 books in a month!

  12. yoga and other hobbies - i allot time for these and happily attend to them.  now, i don't jog and i feel guilty that i had to attend to them because work requires me to be around

  13. shopping - i haven't done my own retail therapy in a long time. and having done so just yesterday makes me feel different.

  14. health - since i have been very stressed from the passing away of my late fiance, and work, i have been spending so much for medicines and checkups

  15. HOME - i just want to leave work at the office and leave it there. i want my home to be sacred. is it too much to ask?

is work still reallly worth it, for me?