Friends, although I am in sorrow, I would like to put JP's eternal rest to mind and not worry about my own's agony for he needs prayers now more than ever.  True that he has been laid to his worldly rest, but his soul needs more prayers.  I am posting a prayer for the faithful departed here and would ask of you who reads this to please pray along with me.  Once a day would be nice, more than once would be awesome.

THANK YOU!!!!  I so love this man that his welfare precedes my own.  Please help me with the prayers.

Dear God,

John Paul Tolledo has departed from this world and now return to you.
O Lord, in your mercy welcome him into your heavenly kingdom.
He has gone to his rest, now he hopes to rise with you.
O Lord, in your encompassing love, bring him into the light of your divine presence

I meekly intercede, O Lord, for our faithfully departed, John Paul Tolledo.
May he find eternal peace with you.
May he inherit your kind forgiveness.
May he see you face to face.

Yes, you are our only hope in this world.
You are our resurrection and life.
You are our Judge and Savior.

O Lord, I humbly beseech you:
be merciful in your judgment and
grant to him the promised salvation.

O Lord, remember not his faults,
but cleanse him of his sins
and grant to him his lasting reward.

O Lord, extend to him
your victory over sin and death.
Let him not be separated from you,
but grant him a place
in your eternal abode.

Jesus, Lord of the living and the dead,
comfort of the weary and the afflicted,
conqueror of death and sin,
guide our departed one, John Paul Tolledo.
As he reaches the end of his journey,
lead him back to you.

As his life comes to an end, let him live with you.

As he stand before you in judgment, please speak again these words:
"Come, you who are blessed by my Father,
Inherit the kingdom prepared for you."


-From Personal Prayers (Msgr. Ruperto C. Santos, STL)