<p>Last night, I thought about blogging a memorable day.&nbsp; I was at the nick of pressing the &quot;Publish&quot; button after setting some more images and primming up the whole post with relevant links and styles&#8230; then bam!&nbsp; Firefox went berserk!</p>

To cut it short, I lost my post.  It was the most disgusting feeling.  Accomplishment at your hands, and yet it was gone.  Firefox was already running on slow performance at the office.  At home, it wasn't really close to that, but there's still something wrong.  Overload of excessive themes, and some more add ons than the ones I listed here.. or whatever was the real reason, it was just damn irritating.

I came across this post in one of my RSS feeds: Firefox browser load time slow?  Maybe you have too many of these.  And yes, maybe I am guilty.  I should unload some that I really don't need.