Last night was another blast of the last Pyromusical event for this year.

I really love these events because, as you sit there under the beautiful sky, and see the fireworks go up to light the place up in different colors.. I get to thinking. This is why life is still beautiful.

What is even more fascinating is how beautiful the fireworks are the longer you look at it. Cameras fail to capture its beauty.

Big colorful fireworks by Platinum Philippines

We also enjoyed watching the last (definitely not the least) contender of this year's Pyromusical competition--USA's Atlas Pyrotechnic team.

I think it's no wonder that they are the go-to Pyro resource for US' 4th of July celebration. Their presentation was very in sync with their music. They had a good choice of theme: Rock and Stars. Majority may not have appreciated it because of some unfamiliar songs, but it was really rockin' good! They had ample fire power (not too loud, not too weak) and great choreography and colors. I really loved it (next to Platinum's presentations).

Together with my family, we enjoyed the closing ceremony presented by the Platinum Fireworks. The awarded champion of the 5th Pyromusical Event is Canada's Royale Pyrotechnic team. Too bad I wasn't there to see it and be a judge of how good they were! ;)

After that was a surprise number from Sarah Geronimo where the fireworks just went from awesomess to outrageously loud, colorful and

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the experience:

Until next year, I'll sit and eagerly await for the schedule. I might actually decide to watch every weekend of it, who knows?! :)