"Oo, inaamin ko.. Saging lang kame! Pero maghanap ka ng puno sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang ang may puso!!!"

This was the line delivered by Mark Lapid in the movie "Apoy sa dibdib ng Samar". My honey ripped this line from this movie and made it a message alert tone. The first time I heard it, it really made me laugh, but nonetheless, I'm already used to hearing it everytime.. but not this one time.

I went to Laguna this Friday night for a business meeting. Like usual, we were allocated this dorm room at the third floor of the building wherein we were the only ones there. Kinda creepy but fun too come to think about it. At one of the quiet moments in the room, a cellphone's message alert tone brought happiness and noise to the whole room. It was my honey's alert tone.

Neil was curious about this tone and immediately went about asking the origin of that tone. Suddenly, there was this bubbly conversation about Mark Lapid and this funny dialogue. For all throughout the night we were laughing about it. Neil was the one who was very intrigued and quite upset too about the fact that this was a modern movie, whose lines of scripts were not as fit as it should be for the movie itself.. and worst, what might have been a serious line became a very stupendous line.

I still remember how every idea I could bring into the picture turned into a 'Saging' moment. Everything after that conversation was all about the 'Saging'. Some of the best punchlines were:

"O, o, tama na.. ang saging mo.. ang saging mo!"
"Tama na kase yang tawa ng tawa.. baka sumakit ang saging mo!!!"

There was also this story of mine about the hose (water hose) at home that turned into a 'Saging' dialogue! I was relating to them how the not-having-a-decent-comfort-room really stressed me out and it had something to do with the water hose. Suddenly, one of them started to scream.. "Oo!!…" then it ended up as.. "Oo!! hose lang kame! Pero maghanap ka ng gripo o PBC sa buong bahay, hose lang ang may tubig! Hose lang ang may tubig!!!" :D

Hahahaha… I could even laugh at it just typing it now on the page! It has been a very very noisy stay at Los Banos because of Mark Lapid.. aside from the fact that it was indeed a very happy and memorable night for me and my honey. :)

The clip from my honey: