Reiki is made up of two Japanese words; ‘Rei’ meaning “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘Ki’ which is “life force energy”.

If one’s life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress whereas when it is high we are more capable of feeling happy and having good health.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing that is non-invasive, gentle yet powerful. Reiki treats the whole person including their emotions, their body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is natural, safe and can be used by everyone.

Reiki is great to use in conjunction with traditional medicine, it is not a one or the other choice, as it can be very beneficial in treating side effects and promote faster recovery as it activates the recipient’s own healing process.

Reiki is great for treating all kinds of physical illnesses as it not only heals the body but goes to the cause of the illness helping to eliminate the effects of the imbalance, and conditions as well as emotional issues such as depression, fears, and phobias.

Reiki is also great for healing environments or old impressions that have been left at a place or any forms of negative energy and can assist in the healing of relationships. Reiki also calms nervous tensions, and help reduce negative emotions and can also be used to give protection.

Reiki is highly beneficial by helping balance the body and remove blocks that are stopping you fall pregnant, during pregnancy and during labor.

Reiki can also be used to aid in pain management.

The 5 principles of Reiki are:

  • Just for today I will not be angry. Anger at oneself or others can create serious blockages in one’s energy. Anger is a powerful inner enemy.  Reiki is an excellent tool to remove anger blockages which have accumulated in the body.
  • Just for today I will not worry. Endless worry about the past, present and future can have a major impact on health and Reiki is a marvelous tool for relieving worry.
  • Just for today I will be grateful. Simple things like thanks, forgiveness, a smile, a helping hand, a kind word shows gratitude and has a healing effect on both the giver and the recipient. Gratitude also brings joy to the spirit.
  • Just for today I will work hard and honestly. Working honestly brings abundance into the Soul.
  • Just for today I will be kind to all living things.