For experienced shooters, its probably a non-issue how to shoot precisely.  You'd see them quickly draw, aim and shoot without effort.  In cases like mine, I'm still more of a beginner, and I love to challenge myself at precision shooting.  I'm sharing with you the resources I looked up, tried and will also give a piece of my experience about some of them.

I have geared up myself, preparing for my first competitive shooting (sometime soon).  I've got myself a quality range bag, eyes, ears, etc.  I go target shooting at my favorite range: Manila Shooting Range @ Macapagal Blvd in order to perfect my accuracy in shooting.  I've also observed shooting competitions at Crame and Armscor.  I tried to read and watch to learn more and improve the basics that I've been taught.

Here are some of the materials that I read/watch in order to learn:

  1. IPSC Competition Rules handbook.
  2. Subscriptions to Hickok45 @ Youtube, Glockstore @ Youtube, NicTaylor00 @ Youtube / Facebook, Women of USPSA @ Youtube, Dave Sevigny @ Facebook.
  3. Some articles about how to shoot:
And practice.  Practice often.  Sometimes, my boyfriend and I head on to the range and just fire around 50-100 rounds at a time.  Every time, I plot a new challenge for me to take.  Here are some of the milestones I prepared for myself:
  1. Shoot accurately at 5meters using a production gun (at the time when my gun was still new, no mods).
  2. Shoot accurately at 5meters using only FMJs.  I know its heavier and provides greater challenge.  I don't want to be congratulating myself over accurate shooting using rubber tipped bullets.
  3. Improve gun performance and rapport.  I did this by replacing my guide rod with a Glock Gen 4 Tungsten Guide Rod from Glockstore.  I also have small hands and I had a hard time pressing mag release using the production part, so I also replaced it with a pink Gen 4 Extended Magazine release from GunGoddess.
  4. Shoot accurately at 10meters, still using FMJs.  By this time, I must have fired more than 500rounds (at least) of FMJ with my gun.
  5. Shoot accurately with only my strong hand at 10meters.
  6. Shoot moving targets accurately at least 10meters away.
  7. Shoot comfortably and still accurately from my holster.
So now, I am at milestone #4.  I still have a long way to go (at least according to my plan).  My boyfriend shoots comfortably and accurately with his Glock during competitions.  He said practical shooting is a lot easier than precision shooting.  At least, I think dealing with the most difficult parts of learning will prove to be a better path for me, so that later on, I will feel more comfortable during practical shooting.

I have also learned that, although I was taught the isoceles stance, I have learned to like the weaver stance, but slightly modified a bit to what suits me.  At the moment, I have yet to get a good feel of the grip that works well for me.

Now, for the pics! :)

ear muff
sprinto eyewear
4 pouches
5.11 leather gloves
my mini range bag
gun pouch
gun mat