I was surprised to have a very busy weekend.  I was invited to attend two weddings in two days!

I was privileged to gift the crowd with a prayer to open the actual reception celebration.  Too bad for me I was too tired coming from Eumir and Sef's wedding in Tagaytay the day earlier that I haven't really written a prayer.  So, I prayed first for a brief enlightenment then I started writing a prayer while in the car.

At the event itself, I was very happy.  And the bride and groom were also happy.  :)  So, I just wanted to share this short prayer that inspired them both.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for life you have provided for us and all the blessings that we have enjoyed so far. We call out to you to enlighten us to become responsible christians and witnesses and aids to the new couple that you have just united as one.

May you bless the groom and bride with fruits of love, wealth and good health. With this, we lift our cares and worries and we put our trust in you heavenly Father that you will be the guide of your new couple.

Bless us dear Heavenly Father that we may experience your grace and love on this first Sunday of the year, and the first day in the lives of the groom and bride as one.


They couldn't thank me enough for the beautiful prayer.. well, I couldn't thank God enough I'm seeing them this happy.  :)

Donnie Ray and Maricel's Wedding