Who's not on a social network these days?  Whatever your motivation or need is, to stay in a social network means inputs everywhere.  Inputs from your friends, and your inputs to them.  This should be what everyone should think about whenever they add friends.  Don't 'collect' friends by the numbers.  Pick the good ones who influence you positively.

For those still searching for a good resolution to live by, why not try this:

This year, I promise myself not to post anything negative.  To only like the positive motivations and beautiful things; To share only the encouraging thoughts and words.  At all costs, dwarf all negative ideas and negative events.  My friends are worth all my positive energy.  Do away with complaining.

Let's all make 2014 count.  One day at a time.

To understand that your idea is in a bigger web of influence, means a great deal of responsibility.  To only spread the right things that people need to see or read.  People don't care about what makes you sad; they care about how you rose to the occasion. Make your mark as a humble, positive-energy seeking person.  Recognize your emotions and rise.

This year is a year of the horse.  Seldom does a horse fall down, but its always awesome to watch it rise with stability and power.  Why not be like that this year?  They say 21 days forms a habit.  So, 21 days of practice would be enough to make it through the whole year.

Start NOW!

Image from: https://pixy.org/5743180/