<p>Everybody knows that eversince Google came about, I never let them out of my sight.&nbsp; I&#39;ve been onto their latest all the time and been monitoring their moves and progress.&nbsp; Well, who&#39;s one techie who hasn&#39;t got hooked into Google&#39;ing??</p>

I started liking all their products.. from the webby applications like Search Engine, GMail, Google Reader; to their standalone applications like Google Desktop, Google Earth, etc.  One thing though that I noticed about Google is that most of their products are made available only to Windows platform users.  It didn't bother me though, but when I did find out that they had Picasa ported to a Linux platform also, it made me feel happier.

Picasa is still the best photo organizer I've used.  (Well,  at least amongst free ones).  Here are some of the reasons why I like it:

  • It offers you the capability to sort out your pictures and move them across folders and devices. 
  • It allows for you to tag photos, associate them across multiple albums, and use star ratings too!
  • It also allows you to put captions to your photos and offer a smooth browsing effect
  • It can export your albums to an online gallery or quick send them through email.  It can also create slideshows and export them into a CD
  • Best of all, with all these features, you can even edit your photos and keep a  copy of the original version of the photo!

There are still a lot more I can't begin to enumerate why I'm happy to have Picasa for Linux.  :)   I think I'd have to reitemize my list of must have graphic tools.  ;)   (See more about Picasa here)