I've been reading Mitch Albom's For One more day for a day and a half now and something from his book caught my attention.

He said, from the voice of Chick Benetto, that there were "parents' poses" that kind of sticks in the head of kids.  Chick always thought of his mom as someone always leaning towards him with fingers always prodding infront of  him and correcting his mistakes; while his dad's pose is always some guy standing in the corner with his back against the wall and just looking.

It made me wonder.  How did I ever think about my own parents' poses?  Well, here's my piece of story..

My mama was always a supermom.  She kinda liked to do everything and anything for us her kids (and even for her husband--when papa was still around).  She would spin like a whirlwind inside the house, trying to do everything all at once! She rarely stops for a smile but deep down inside my mind, I knew that for everything that she's doing all at the same time, her heart is smiling. :)

As for my papa?  Well, he's the fat couch potato, staring blankly at the TV even when the screen is already filled with a raster.

How about you?  How did you see your parents' poses? Did it affect you?

Mitch Albom: I too was really a mama's kid.  For me, 'reaching out to the one that you could lose' was a futile effort. ;)