<p>Doctors and nurses, just like how engineers pledge their loyalty and service to people should always render care, help and support to their patients (and clients respectively).</p>

Just awhile ago, I called up Quezon City Medical Center to ask for some advice regarding my appointment tomorrow with their Derma Clinic.  I wanted to post some inquiries regarding my appointment tomorrow.  Preferably to cancel it if it were to start late or take longer that I would expect it to be (maximum of 2 hours, as I thought).  I was still in the office.  I didn’t want to use the office phone for my personal reasons, unless it was an emergency (just my personal standards thingy).  So, I used my cellphone to dial the number I had for their office.  After a couple of rings, someone picked up.  It was a male’s voice.  Asking me who I was, I identified myself as a patient of Dra. Panganiban.  Quick to dismiss my concern as unimportant, he said “Wala na si Dra. Panganiban.  Hindi na niya oras ngayon.“  I was a bit annoyed.  I did not say I was looking for her.  I wanted to query about something and I have been told only that I can consult the secretary.  And so, I replied with: “Ah, opo.  Magtatanong lang po ako regarding sa appointment ko tomorrow.”  The rude male on the other line bashed me with: “Doktor po ako, so gusto mo ako gawing sekretarya ngayon??”  

With all due respect.  He asked me who I was without telling me who he was in the first place.  Rude telephone ethics.   And I don’t care any less that he’s a doctor and he can’t accomodate me.  He angrily called for his secretary who spoke in a calm voice.  But even so, I repeated my concern and I was just dismissed again with: “Tumawag ka nalang bukas, 10-12 ang office hours niya.“  In my head, I have a big buzz statement.. “Hello, eh pasyente po ako.  You won’t exist without patients like myself.“ 

You see, none of them was able to answer the least of my questions.  Not one of them was even helpful enough.  I wasn’t even given the chance.  And where was the code of ethics?  Was it ever there?
There.  That’s my way of closing an open loop inside my head.  And yes, this is an open rant.