If you wanted to have pets and not worry about maintenance or emotional responsibility, fishes and underwater animals are best for that purpose.
I grew up loving animals.. my father loved keeping fishes and lobsters as pets.  My uncles and aunts love dogs and cats.  We used to have seven cats and three dogs in our compound.  I usually visit them and play with them once in awhile.  I have only one favorite dog and my one and only cat Ebony. :)

Though I love cats (and their feline race) better than any other animal kind, I also love fishes and underwater animals.  I remember wasting time watching the fishes swim back and forth endlessly inside the aquarium as they show off their wonderfully colored fins.  Guppies have the most beautifully colored fins and tails.

Last month, my honey’s dad went home for a vacation from Afghanistan.  While he was here, they went for a trip to OceanPark.  Me and my youngest sister went along with them to enjoy the ‘underwater world’ of Manila.  Of course I had high expectations, since it has already been a buzz that Oceanpark had their design patterned against Singapore and HongKong’s underwater adventure.

A ticket cost about P450 per head.  I think they have discount for children.  The entrance was beautiful.  It was a garden with wooden bridge/walk and a thin man made waterfall by one side.  At the end of the wooden walk, were huge aquariums showcasing rare aquatic animals and huge Arowanas.

Further inside the place was were all the other aquariums were placed.  It was airconditioned and the place was lit up only by the light inside each water container.  No camera flashes were supposedly allowed, but there were a lot of idiots who kept on violating rules.  For sure, I wasn’t one of them.

My sister was fascinated by each tank were she kept on taking shots of the beautifully colored and habited aquatic tanks.  We saw lots of rare and lively species of aquatic animals.  Some were tanks with carnivorous fishes, others just plain mutualism setup.

I thought that it would totally disappoint me not seeing the same aquarium setup that I saw in Singapore, knowing that they had it patterned against that.  Well, towards the middle, they put had the short of 5 minute stretch of tunnel like aquarium akin to what they had in Singapore and Hongkong.  Various fishes were in the tank, swimming as if its one big sea that they live in.  It was a wonderful sight.  Though there were lots of people within the tunnel, the experience was such a wonder that you could immediately forget about the crowd.  This wonder however lasted only about a couple of minutes.  Outside the tunnel were more aquariums, but not as fascinating as the tunnel itself.

Well, the whole experience was really fun.  I only hope that the facade, the entrance and all of the perimeters be fixed already so that the whole trip would be complete.  It was only hard to maintain the happy feeling after passing through unfixed hallways that looked so empty that you can automatically forget about the magnificence of the oceanpark itself.