I woke up at 4am.  I thought it was past 5am.  I just looked passed my mom, then she asked me what I needed.  So, the first thing I ever said today was: “I’m hungry.”

She asked me whether I wanted an oatmeal or Homi noodles for breakfast.  Hmmm… Oatmeal is healthy.  Okay, I’ll go for Homi.  Hehe..  But I didn’t say anything, I just pointed at the red and yellow pack of insta meal.  A lousy choice? –Not necessarily.  After eating, I had to go to sleep again.  This alarm clock kept snoozing until it was about 630am.  Did I really choose to turn it off or I was just too sleepy?

I had to get myself a decent breakfast.  McDonalds was a good choice.. though not necessarily.  It was just by far the most convenient coz I had to get some cash too.  Walking to the office was a nice feeling.  Three days getting stuck inside the house with this illness and everything is really… ugh.. what a feeling!  The sun was shining brightly and all was cool –not necessarily.  The walking I did hurt my skin too.

“..please, I need help..”     “Okay, but I am sick”

Yeah, I am sick, but I am at the office.  Have you not heard of people who just can’t leave work because of the people they love needs them?  I am busy but not necessarily too busy for a hand.  I might be sick but not necessarily too sick to forget the people who need me.

I am sweet, I am caring, I am thoughtful.. I can be anything you think about me.. but not necessarily.