Whatever it takes, I'll get you.  Mark my word.

If I wanted something, I'll always be sure to plot some plan and get it.  After having purchased my well loved Nook (which I still owe some review post--soon), this is my next target.

Though I don't really think that I play nicely with touch screen phones, its about time to expose myself to such experience.  Both my mom and my younger sister are using full touch screen phones and its a surprise that they're not having so much difficulty anymore.  So what's to be afraid then?

cover-image Nexus One

I was quite hesitant at first when I was slowly falling in love with this beauty.  This would be the first time I'm going to buy a non-Sony Ericsson phone!  What becomes of my walkman phone love?  I feel like I'm still attached to the phone I've had for three years, serving me well with its features but teaching me to be patient nonetheless since its a bit sluggish interface is not one that could win against Nokia's quick responsiveness.  W960i is a fully functional high end phone of Sony Ericsson 3 years ago.  Quad band, A2DP supporting phone that allows me to work on documents, notes, while providing some native productivity tools like the calendar, alarms, stopwatch, note, tasks, etc.  I am able to freely browse the net when I have the budget and its camera is fine for my needs; boasting 3.2MP was fine since I have my Canon IXUS camera to provide me with photo-taking expertise.

I haven't had any complaints with W960i so far since it syncs well with my Mac and I'm able to maintain all SMS messages using BluePhoneElite.  It was worth the investment.  And now it is time for change.

The reason why I bought the Nook over its competitors was that there was an ease of transfer of ebooks from the online store to my nook.  It supports wifi and is now open for short term internet browsing.  But the real reason was because it was running on Android.  I wanted to be excited about Android development which I'm trying to squeeze into my time every now and then.  The only impediment I have is picking the right IDE for me since I don't really like Eclipse or Netbeans.

And now, Nexus one has caught my eye.  And again, like the Nook, its not open to the Philippine Market yet.  Though I saw a store in MOA selling the Nook for an absurd price, still its more exciting to buy them online.  Sometimes, if you are smart to note the exchange rate, you might even get the product for a cheaper amount (plus shipping and handling and tax) than those sold in physical stores here in PH.

I'm sold-out with these features:

  • AMOLED - provides a better display of images, low cost, new technology for mobile phones (though its hard to use in direct sunlight--which I don't really care about)
  • Snapdragon processor - this provides stronger mobile computing resource but with lower battery consumption.  Nexus one uses 1GHz chipset compared to others of max 768Mhz only and not using Snapdragon processors
  • Live wallpapers - its almost of no use, but hey its cool!  some wallpapers react to your touch :D
  • Expandable memory - up to 32GB.  this means, I could almost use this phone to backup my personal data from my laptop! really sweet :)
  • External 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack - although I've always though phones who have these look cheap, at least I won't have to worry about brining external connectors to interface with the standard earphone jack! Aside from that, it has ...
  • A2DP support - I could just buy bluetooth stereos for my use if I don't want to bring wires with me
  • Light sensor - Since my W960i's light sensor blinking whenever I'm on low batt or a new message has came in, I thought I'd always want this on my next phones. Its a time saver too
  • Wi-Fi and 3G support - just for the sake of wanting this checklist for future phones, of course, who doesn't want to have these things there on your next phone?
  • Android platform - because of this, there is an unlimited possibly of enhancement. It supports several updates/enhancements unlike most phones.  Sony Ericsson releases updates from time to time which is kind of geeky but good (for me), so having Android as its platform is an ultimate bonus for me!  I'm also excited to write some apps for my personal use.
There are a lot of good things to say about Nexus One, aside from the fact that its made by Google (and I'm a Google whore :D).  I'm seeing this opportunity as somewhat related to my geekiness.  I would want to have more control of my phone and one that will work with how I function on a day to day basis.  It basically addresses all my needs that I try to address in separate means right now.

Right now, I'm waiting for the cut-off of my credit card, and I'm off to purchase this beastly beauty!

For planning ahead, these are the apps that I want on my phone:

Games I'd like to install: