Its been a month now since I last laid my hands on Nexus One.  I've been planing to get a new phone since early June.  I always loved Sony Ericsson, so it was quite heartbreaking for me when I first saw Aino, then Satio, then Xperia X10.  This must have been the reason why I can't bring myself to buy any of these Ericsson phones earlier during the year.

I never thought I'd fall in love with Nexus one.  But then the first week of June, I came across a post about Nexus one and decided to google it.  To my surprise, it captivated me and never let me go until I actually had it! I spent days researching more about it (since there is no physical store locally that sells it--none yet at least).  I had to be absolutely sure that all the feedback were positive and carefully pinpoint what its strong points where and how it could fit my life.

At first, I was skeptic about owning a full touch screen phone.  My W960i was half physical board, and half touch screen, but one where you would uncomfortably live without a stylus.  It was a leap of faith. It took me only a day to get familiar with a full touch screen mobile life. To those who are eyeing on it, it is very unfortunate that Google online store is no longer selling Nexus One.  I think its going to take awhile before it hits local market. :(

cover-image My Nexus One

How I can't be able to live without my Nexus one?  Here are some reasons..

  1. I can seamlessly check my email whenever I want it.  Not whenever a new email gets pushed.  Its a different logic altogether.  I don't want to be bothered all the time.

  2. Multi-tasking wins! I've experienced browsing, while chatting on Google Talk and Yahoo, texting all at the same time! The performance is really remarkable.

  3. I can access 3G and surf the net better.  Its faster and really very easy to work with.  Wifi is also great.  I can walk around the house and be connected whenever I want to.

  4. I can manage my calendars and contacts faster without having to sync to my laptop and back to Google.  All at my fingertips now.

  5. I can do almost anything with my phone through the help of some good apps.  I basically love to hang out in Android market and just go through useful free apps.

  6. Play games with far better experience!

I think the only problem so far with such a smart phone is that the battery would always catch up on you.  But hey, I'm not complaining.  I get such a wonderful phone that can do so much, so my only responsibility is to conserve energy.  Needless to say, I had to carry around my cable and wall mount :P For me, carrying a dock is an additional bulk on my bag :P

Here are the apps, that I frequently use on my phone: