Last year was a bit too extreme.  If it was good.. it was really good, and if it was bad.. it could totally hurt.  It was never something just average.

Christmas season came, and my sister and I had another round of completed Simbang Gabi sessions.  Yipee!!!  At the end of last year, we had another super cleaning session (that we use to do every year).  But last year was a bit more fun!  We got to do some garage sale!  My sisters and I were throwing out some old clothes and some old stuffs (from hair accessories to bags, and lots of other stuffs).  Most of them were still usable, and so we thought that we could at least make good use of them before throwing the others away.

Though we were tired from the cleaning, and other stuffs to do during the holidays, we went out to have some fun doing from selling of old, used stuffs.  We opened the gates and put on our little “Garage Sale” sign and categorized our stuffs into denominations of P5 (five pesos), P10 (ten pesos), P15 (fifteen pesos) and P25 (twenty five pesos).  The five peso box contained the most number of items.  The old clothes were sold at twenty five bucks each.  Though there were some items sold at P50 (fifty pesos), I still managed to sell some of these.  At the end of the day, when everything must go, there were still lots of items left for selling.  There were a lot of passers by who were still interested to buy even when we were closing up!

Day1 was December 30.  We managed to earn P533 (five hundred thirty three pesos) from old stuffs we considered as trash.  It rained December 31 and we were afraid to be hit by the firecrackers, so we haven’t sold anything yesterday.  Its really a fun experience, knowing that you can still make out something positive out of those things you consider to be negative and totally wasteful.

This year, I do not promise myself anything.  It’ll be the contrary of everything I’ve been doing in the past years.  Since its “Lucky ‘09?, I’m going to think ‘lucky’, ‘happy’ and ‘good’.  I can’t say I always want more for this year.. because sometimes, “more” is not what you always need.  This year, “Less is More”.  That’ll be my motto for this year.  Instead of listing down things I’d rather “not do” or “do”, I’ll just keep reminding myself of this new motto.  I think its more than enough to cover everything else that I can’t list down in this blog or anywhere else at all. :)

I’ll pray for better health, better career, better family bond, and better emotional stability.  Only better, not more.  I have high hopes for this year.  I hope that so will you.