I have been quite busy lately, but since I was tagged by Kat and promised to respond, here are my top visited six then:

1.  Emails - Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN, and UP Mail

I can't be caught dead without checking my mails everyday.  For the record, I have six (6) Gmail accounts that I monitor, plus three (3) more belonging to mama and my two sisters.  I have two (2) Yahoo! Mail accounts where one is public, the other is private.  One MSN account and one UP account.  I usually forward all my emails to my one personal Gmail account.  From here, I get to segregate which ones to attend to first, and those that are trivial are left in the trash.

Emails waste too much time, ergo I do not send out too many forwards.  Only the ones I feel are very important goes out of my inbox.

2.   Work related sites.

I usually have Google.com as my home page, and our company's site.  On top of these, I also have two more windows open for the company's basecamp site and my personal basecamp site.  :) I keep a personal basecamp site for monitoring my progress for several projects.  This ensures that I keep abreast of my to do lists and get things done.

3.  Personal sites.

Of course, some of you might have been through my personal sites listed at the side of this blog.  I rarely open them, except for sweetperceptions.i.ph.

4.  Programming sites.

I always consult online documentations.  I usually go to: PHP.net and Ruby on Rails.

5.  Fun sites.

Everyone knows that when I'm infront of the PC, I do work and don't waste too much computing time for other stuffs.  But, there is one site that I will not close while working.  My honey introduced to me a site that has been my relief inbetween stresses.  I love cats.. and I love I can has cheezburger!!!!  I love to look at the lolcats there.  See for yourself. ;)

6.  Knowledge sites, online services and good blogs.

When I'm not overly busy I visit CodingHorror, Internet DuctTape, Lifehacker and DevChix.  I also am usually found in Wikipedia and Google Translate.  Sometimes I get to visit other sites through my Google Reader's feeds.

That's it!  Now, let's hand the ball over to Rambling Virus, Carey, Adam Mordo and Chillicheesecai