For some unknown reason, whenever I go swimming, I come up happier afterwards.  Its like my new-found exercise, my source of endorphins.  It was extraordinarily funny though, earlier this afternoon was very hot and I went for some laps.

cover-image Total Immersion
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I was surprised my swimming coach was also there and doing his laps as well.  Uh oh I'll be scrutinized for my form again, LOL.  I

am now able to swim 25 meters on my own and able to breathe better on one side.  I'm just glad I learned total immersion and now I'm swimming comfortably.  This is the exercise, I never think of as "exercising" at all.

Best part is, it makes me really happy after swimming.  So, I'm now doing this everyday.  I'm not yet perfect at it, but I'm getting there :)