December is my birth month, and so is it for Christ.  I'm happy to be named "Maricris" which personally, reminds me of "Mary" and "Christ".  And it sort of sounds like: "Maricris-mas!" Hehe..

Well, I'm not filthy rich, but I believe I'm bestowed with a lot of gifts.  Most of these gifts encompass love, care, trust, respect, compassion and humanity.  Who isn't human anyway? I can't buy all of my loved ones expensive gifts just to make them feel they are equally exquisite and truly one of a kind, but I can give all of my loved ones a truthful and faithful devotion.

So, what's the catch, you say??

Every year comprises of approximately 365 days.  I'm sure all these days of our lives aren't spent on going to Mass or worshipping God, but surely, its well spent on praying for our lives and our loved ones, right?  Tell me I'm wrong.. ;)

Everyday, I fervently pray a novena prayer and I don't stop for just nine days.  I believe that effort is what makes prayer more powerful.  Its the effort plus the deep passion. Its like emptying yourself and trusting that God has everything to offer you and you have everything you need from Him.  Only He can fill your cup, and that should be the right way anway. ;)

So, this month, I am calling out to you (YES YOU).  Whoever you are.. if you need some more prayers to whatever it is that ails you or whatever it is that you still need more prayer on, I am offering the days of my December to pray for you.  Its the best gift, I tell you.  :)

Y entonces, vamos a ir?

Send me your name and your prayer request.  I will start praying by December 1.  I promise that to you and to Him, as my thanksgiving for all the blessing He has given me throughout my life.

I will start by a prayer:

Dear God,

I thank you for all the blessing I have received in my life.  I am happy and thankful for the family I am born with.  My father who has taught me perseverance the hard way, my mother who has taught me patience and the virtue of faith; my sister who has taught me the folly and love of life; my youngest sister who has taught me the value of standing up for your belief; my friends who has showed me the value of friendship in dire times of need; my officemates who have taught me to strive harder and always see myself as a student; to my boss who has taught me to make myself better in terms of my own ambition; to a lover who has taught me to listen, trust and practice what I preach; to those who regard me as their enemies, thank you for teaching me to understand you and rise above the situation; to everyone who completes the definition of my Universe, thank you for existing.

I pray that all the pains and sorrows of the Earth from all the negativities will be healed and life itself will start to regenerate with love, passion and respect.


Now, go ahead, send me yours.  :) livinglife [AT] sweetperceptions [DOT] com

PS: Thank you to a friend for inspiring me today.  I hope that you may be able to turn all your sorrows into joys soon!