Today seems a normal day.  I have good vibes for today.  :)  At first I found it challenging (just a bit) to find a cab.  I hailed one and it had the latest cabby meter.  Traffic wasn't too slow this morning, and so it was just a breeze.  I'd read a few pages from the book I was carrying every once in awhile--when his driving wasn't overly shaky.  I got off infront of the building and was surprised when he printed a receipt.  I thought at first that I could've sworn I wore a brief smile on my face when I saw the receipt at first.

From when I was young, I had some interest in receipts.  I was still an amateur back then of course, but I knew that the format of the receipt could also say a few things about the developer behind the technology.  I don't believe that developers who create beautiful front-ends deserve lesser credits for a good backend code development and vice versa.  The best ones are those who don't tie their designs onto their codes.  But anyway.. coderkitty isn't in the house right now.. lawl..

cover-image My First Cabby Receipt

Here is the receipt I received.  I wanted to keep this as memorabilia.  I remember that there was this one cabby driver who taught me how this new meter works.  I think its great and I believe that there is a very strict, algorithm-based logic for computing the total fare.  If you would see, the total time of travel, and distance can be computed from the details of the receipt (aside from the details of the cabby owner).  Even the RPM is included! LOL :D  I think the only thing missing here is the source and point of destination.. but I think that's already asking for too much since we don't have GPS yet on these machines.

PS:  The cab I took on my ride home had this new meter too, but I didn't get my receipt.  :(