I've had quite a day today.. I could only recall warming my chair up for around three minutes and another spur of the moment thingy comes in again that needs attention and then my mind is off again for another matter..

Sigh.. I really should be quiet right now, but as it is, my head is quite noisy with so many things I want to say out loud, but can't.

I've been dealing with so much trash today. Trash from somebody else's end, and tidying it up is just not me! Trash inside my head for thinking so negatively of things. I really should be throwing it all away. I don't know.. I'm feeling a bit jittery about my new work, but hey, I'm also enjoying it.

I'm kinda used to having things done my way, and I'm quite learning something that is actually more of the business side than my usual techie side. I'm now torn into doing something good for my brain and something good for the company.

I'm particularly called the 'dragon' of the company, for just a short period of time that I've been with them. I don't know if its good or not, but the thing is, I feel they have this particularity for loving dragons.. :P

Anyways, after all of the day's work, negative thoughts, trashy codes, unstable people around me and not to mention the pressure, well, things are actually more rewarding. And its just a bit funny though, that I happended to open friendster again and read about my day's horoscope. It goes:

The Bottom Line

Do not push on any farther with your latest quest today. You've done enough for now.

In Detail

You like to make butterflies out of origami paper. You like to make dioramas out of shoeboxes. You like to make sculptures that express your ideas about life and growth and beauty out of toothpicks and cola cans. Or something along those lines. Yes, you're a mighty creative person, whether you express yourself in watercolors or heartfelt emails or by building computers from component parts. Have fun!

Just about what I did and what I said for the day! Haha.. I never thought my mind and my fate could be read no clearer than that!

I just didn't want to pass up the chance to remember this feeling I have with me right now.. That the pains of much work for the day is actually rewarding in the end. And that, after all, all that really matters is that you love what you're doing. Sigh..

That's just about it for now. If ever I feel like I could take a break by blogging, I'll do write more sometime.