I am a busy person. And I wouldn't waste my time on just about anything.

I may be busy with my 8hour technical work, 12hour teaching career and an upcoming law career.. Busy with taking care of my one and only pet cat, jogging myself to death every friday afternoon, reading books during my spare time and/or chatting with my partner every afternoon…

Hey, I still do have a life! 😄

And, guess what? I have a Christmas Wish List.. If in case, you've been wondering what best gift to give me this Christmas season, then, you might as well consult this list.. Just look at it this way, you can still choose the cheapest.. and not to mention what you can afford! 😉

Here goes..

Image by Margherita Marchetti

  1. I would really appreciate it, if I would get a violin this Christmas. This is number one, since, this is one of my passion.. I have actually never held a violin in my life, but.. darn! I think its about the perfect time to have one.. Hmmm.. I would rather have a Buchendorff violin of spruce material and a hard case bow. An old wood color would be best! …I love green and brown!

  2. You could actually sponsor my 2-week violin lesson. I would gladly prefer to have it every afternoon (while my law career is still in the making..) Yamaha would be a good place to have my lessons, but then again, any music store would be a okay.

  3. I am also a frustrated archer. In that case, my third wish is to have my own bow so that I could also begin practicing my rusty knowledge in basic archery. I have actually took the liberty of researching what a good bow would be.. hehe. I would have my bow to be approximately 26-30 lbs at the most (since I have already handled a 28lb bow in my undergrad years… too bad actually that I missed the part where I could join the varsity.. I got sick with dengue.. too bad) Anyways, the bow should be about 46 inch in draw length, ambidextrous, must have adjustable sight and arrow rest. Hmmm.. I think any brand will do.

  4. Okay, on to the fourth.. Hmm… I actually love the Sony Ericsson W800i. If ever, you're willing enough to spend, well.. this is actually a good one. I really love music. I think I don't intend to be caught dead without a sound in my ear, most especially when travelling alone.. waiting in a long line.. etc. So, even without my MP3 player, I could actually get myself 'unbored' and happy. 😊

  5. Well, I also kinda think that my old USB disk is.. well.. uhmm… really plain old. Despite the fact that I have been using it for about 3yrs now, well, its also getting smaller as I use it. hehe.. maybe a 1GB USB disk would be nice.. I would prefer TWINMOS, but hey, its your choice.. so, any brand would do.

  6. Hey, I just remembered.. SMART's unlimited feature is about to expire. Maybe a thousand worth of load is also cool.. eh?

  7. What else? Well.. I have this site, that I am actually not able to maintain due to my busy schedule. Its actually costing me almost a hundred bucks a month.. What do you say you pay for my next quarter? Nice bargain, right?

  8. Hmmm.. aside from being the techie and music fanatic person that I am.. I am also.. kikay! I would love to receive bags. Well, need I say more than that??

  9. I also remember, I am a jogger.. so maybe a nice pair of shorts would also be a nice gift.

  10. Hmm.. I'm going to go easy on this part. Well, its supposedly 12 gifts.. since its '12 days of Christmas' right? But, I'm going to cut this list short. I think number 10 deserves to be a nice call from you to greet me on my birthday. Awww.. wouldn't that be the nicest gift??

Gosh, I actually think you wouldn't be contacting me to send your gifts.. Maybe I shouldn't really have gone easy on number 10. Haha!

Let me see.. let's just change number 10 to a 3Kg Friskies Snack.. Yeah! actually, that sounds a lot better. Just drop the tenth item and change it to a 3Kg Friskies Snack. Any flavor would do.

So? What are you waiting for? Sige na.. this is the only list I have ever released in my entire (almost 25 years) life. Think about it… I am going to complete the Simbang Gabi nights. Who knows, I might just pray for you and your needs.

I'm kinda giving an incentive to those who can give me gifts 1-3. hehe.. Contact me if you're interested..


Merry Christmas, Friends! 😅